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If your goal is to lead a healthy life and enjoy the benefits of a balanced diet, what you really need is a long-term plan. This change of habits is a slow process because even if your immediate goal is to lose weight, what really matters is that you keep these healthy practices throughout life.

In this post, you will find some of the benefits of diet fitness for you to become healthy habits of nutrition and sport part of your daily routine and get results long – term.

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Phase 1: Plan of attack

If you have got here, it is because you have to take the most important step. Finding motivation and make the determination that you need to make a change in your habits and is an important breakthrough.

However, we know how difficult it is to keep that motivation, especially if you expect the results do not arrive with the speed with which you would like. For this reason, the first phase of our fitness diet is a real plan of attack that will attain the initial objectives in a short time.

You only need to enter will be small changes in your habits:

– Forget the bakery and sugar. Start the day with a healthy breakfast in which you must include a piece of fruit, a dairy (milk or low-fat yogurt) and cereal (one slice of bread or 40 grams of unsweetened muesli).

– Nothing fried or breaded. Cook all foods baked, steamed or microwaved using only one tablespoon of olive oil.

– Say goodbye to the couch. Nothing-sedentary lifestyle: you need your body is getting started. The best way is to simply start walking. With only an hour, a day at a brisk pace will be more than enough.

Phase 2: Adjustment plan

In just a month and you have had time to realize the change that is experiencing your body and your mind. Now you start to lose fat, how about a little tone your figure. In the adjustment plan will introduce an exercise routine and new patterns in your diet.


Four days weekly training will be more than enough. Work your body for one – hour sessions in which you work 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength.

In cardio you can jump rope, jogging, climbing stairs, aerobics … Any exercise that makes your heart rate accelerate.

To reduce fat and tone the muscles, the best exercises are squats, lateral opening and extension arms (with or without dumbbells) and, of course, the abdominals.

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Add an extra vegetables and beans to your dishes to feel more energetic. Do not forget your three pieces of fruit daily, but if you want to eat bananas, it is always before performing the exercise as much, three a week.

On the other hand, fish protein and less fat meat will make the muscle work pays faster.

Gradually introduced rice, potatoes and pasta. Carbohydrates are also important in a diet fitness balanced, but not abuse them.

Phase 3: Maintenance Plan

What is important is that you keep these habits. Transforms the ideas that are dieting to lose weight or you do sport because you want to look better. Convert your achievements in a permanent state that you assume with optimism and happiness because you like to be fit.

Now that you have learned to do well, you are able to always choose the healthiest option. Objective accomplished!

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