How Play Helps a Child’s Development

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For children, all types of play are crucial to their development. Although play is a fun activity for kids, it is also a big part of their development in so many ways. Having the ability to be able to play freely without any structure helps the brain to develop in a healthy manner, setting them up for a good future. In the same way that a healthy diet gives a good physical foundation, healthy play gives the brain a strong mental foundation.

There are many types of play, and the various types bring different benefits. Having the ability to use equipment designed for outdoor play like this playgrounds Gloucester based company provides for example, enables children to build strong muscles, including the heart, and is also a great way of developing motor skills.

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Role play is popular with children – from dressing up to portraying various characters, and this is a form of play that is particularly beneficial for a child’s emotional development. Assuming different roles helps a child to develop empathy and understanding of others, and they will often learn to do this by mirroring the adults around them, such as when playing ‘house’ for example.

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Play can also help a child to develop their creativity and also their problem-solving skills, things that are useful as they go through life, both for their personal life and their careers.

So although play looks like simply children having fun, it is in fact also a valuable learning experience that helps a child to develop.

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