Some fascinating facts about mobile phones

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Mobile phones are everywhere, pretty much in the hands of every man, woman and child! We take these gadgets for granted but how much do we really know about them? Here are some fascinating facts about mobile phones that you might not know:

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  • An old mobile phone still has more computer power in it than the computer that was used for the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. When you need the latest phone, consider Vodafone Dundalk at a site like King Communications
  • It seems that mobile phones are anti-social. As many as 47% of millennials claim to use their phones to avoid social interaction.
  • 90% of mobiles in Japan are waterproof. They have to be as young people use them so much, they even take them into the shower with them!
  • An official sport in Finland is mobile phone throwing! Let’s hope they are not the latest top of the range gadgets!
  • A shocking number of phones are dropped down the toilet in the UK each year. As many as 100,000 to be exact!

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  • More people were killed when taking selfies in 2015 than were killed by sharks.
  • The components that make up a standard mobile phone are so numerous that they are subject to 250,000 different patents.
  • Terrified of being without your phone or having no signal? This actually has a name and it’s called nomophobia.

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