Why do we fear the dentist?

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At first, there were no anesthetics, so the pain, trauma after visiting the dentist was very strong. With this idea and longtime dentist with pain, suffering is associated, it is as if it had been impregnated in the subconscious of all, however, times have changed, there are new anesthetics and forms, methods of treating the patient, so it is time for a change of mentality and disposition.

Fear of dentist
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Fear itself is how we react or associate situations, made ​​from endangered or threatened. Especially the visit to the dentist can cause us physical or psychological reactions to levels that should be treated not “embarrassed” over our lives.

Eye fear is learned, so by way of example do not find it good to see a TV commercial in which a dentist exacts revenge with his working material in front of his patient who just turned out to be a person not granted an appropriation of money.

Alternatively, an adult tells a child that if you eat too many sweets will take you to the dentist (as punishment), so that already leaves a negative image. This shows that a person even without going to the dentist ever, only the fact mention the word may feel a threat, danger, therefore fear.

Tips to reduce the fear of going to the dentist

To reduce fear, a bad disposition are advised to choose a good professional, who can listen, be understandable, pay good attention and that we can trust.

Other ways to confront and overcome these fears and traumas that may have been from small, is by a psychologist therapy (CBT), medication  and even for some people the use of  general anesthesia (minimal cases).

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The idea and main objective is to eliminate certain beliefs about what it means to go to the dentist and the person is motivated to visit by choice, not an imposition or expect to have a dental emergency.

We must open our minds, try and choose the professional that best suits us and suits our needs. The invitation is to dispose of the claims that we have no concise arguments about visiting the dentist.

We invite you to leave old beliefs and worry about your dental health, visit the dentist, dentist without fear or fears, but as a good for our health. If you feel pain, discomfort, make it known to the professional take the necessary measures and not frustrating for you.

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