How to Host a Spa Party?

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There is a growing trend in the world of spas and a social moment that is becoming increasingly important when one wants to spend an afternoon, a weekend, week or a special event differently. Called spa party … has organized yours?

What is a spa party?

A spa party is the organization of a social life in a spa (day spa or destination spa) which, apart from socializing, guests can enjoy wonderful spa treatments, relaxing and taking care of their welfare simultaneously. Because it is a more intimate experience, which may or may not involve some nudity, it is important that all guests know and comply with the spa program chosen for the party. One of the great advantages of a spa party is its price, or enjoys an afternoon or full day at the spa becomes cheaper when done in groups rather than individually. We suggest visiting Brazilian wax deals in Manhattan.

When organizing a spa party?

A spa party is a great alternative to a traditional dinner or lunch with friends, still an original and enjoyable way to celebrate a birthday party or bachelorette party. Increasingly, there are spa corporate packages, i.e. idealized for the employees of the same company can be an interesting prize to offer employees in recognition for their work.

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Regardless of the reason that leads to organizing a spa party, the most important is that you will surely love the spirit of conviviality and wellness that it will provide. In marking the treatments, see the spa where the team will hold the party because many already have comprehensive programs to think precisely this type of interaction. Alternatively, prepare your own program, taking into account the tastes of the guests and coordinate with the spa team. A suggestion passes to start with a relaxation ritual (such as a hot stone massage), followed by a ritual that allows everyone to be together (manicure, pedicure, sauna or hot tub – or else a bit of everything) in order to talk and fun a little. Visit waxing center in Manhattan to get the best care of waxing.

How to choose a spa for a spa party?

The choice of a spa for conducting a spa party depends primarily on two factors:

Duration of the spa party: One of the first decisions to make is related to the duration of the spa party – will be an experience of a few hours, a full day or an event that will last for a complete end-to-week in a fabulous spa destination? If necessary, consult all the guests for their feedback regarding the availability and spa party. But beware; as this is a group, it is important to book the spa as early as possible in order to ensure that manages the date you want.

A number of guests: In some spas, performing a spa party is subject to a minimum number of participants, so ask before booking. If the group is large, make sure that the spa can comfortably accommodate all or, on the other hand if you would like to have the spa entirely at your own, inquire the possibility.

Perfect detail for a perfect spa party

If you choose a spa party at a destination spa, you can organize a huge range of activities to complement your stay just consult the staff of the spa in question. If you choose to make a spa party shorter a day spa, this does not have to be less spectacular, inquire if the spa has piped music and that you can bring your own playlist. Ask if the spa serves light meals or may take a few delicacies to be able to take a break why not a champagne accompanied by macaroni or tea and cookies of your favorite pastry? Acquire consistent robes for the occasion and keep us to the next spa party, that is become the party spa on an annual or biannual tradition is a great experience to do in winter when we spend a lot of time indoors and before the summer to prepare the body to the beach. Above all, have fun and repeat as often as possible! Finally, we recommended Male Spa in Manhattan and Best cheap electrolysis in manhattan to know more details.

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