Shines brightly for Christmas and New Year

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It is quite sure that you want to look spectacular in this celebration of Christmas and New Year 2016. To do this, you must consider several aspects including makeup, hairstyle, clothes and accessories that make you stand out.

Let’s start with the makeup… the color is in fashion this holiday season for the lips is bright red.

Although not an innovative color in the world of fashion, red comeback so put your red lipstick on your purse with cosmetics, and prepare your lips so that they can always look red hot.

Beauty Tips for Christmas
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What has changed from the red lipstick?

A few years ago, the vast majority of lipsticks offered a range of mixed with gloss and satin shades, giving more light and shine to the lips, plus make them look fuller, with a youthful and fresh appearance. The current trend is to wear matte lipstick or nude, to cause a more dramatic and intense effect.

How to do this?

  • Keep your lips hydrated without scales, exfoliating once a week, with a mixture of petroleum jelly and sugar.
  • Apply foundation all over the face, including the lips, to extend the duration of lipstick.
  • Sharpen with a white pencil or highlighter to give more sense of volume, if you have very thin lips.
  • Use a pencil the same shade as the lipstick, to profile.
  • Apply the lipstick and make some pressure between the lip and lip color to penetrate into the corners. Remove excess with a tissue.

Pitch perfect

In general, all colors are divided into two groups: warm and cool. Some people look good with both, but this is not a golden rule. So how do you know what color do you good? It is simple, you just have to see the color of your veins, and you will know if you have a cold or warm skinIf they are blue hue, you should use cold colors, and if they are greenish, then your colors are warm. Choose from this range:

  • Cold: Red wine, fuchsia, bright red matte.
  • Warm: Carmine red, coral red, glossy lipstick.

Do not forget …

Wear a complete outfit when attending an event or celebration, display also includes a facial for reduce dark circles naturally and manicured feet for elegant. This season, do not be afraid to be bold, it is important that there is harmony between the look and decor you choose, so dazzled with nails that go in line with the situation.

There enamels available in a variety of colors, finishes, textures, perfect for the holidays. They are fast drying, the texture is light, and are very durable after application. They can be used on a tone base, or as a single color. They provide a shine finish.

The year-end fashion

With respect to fashion the shawls are very feminine and you can wear the shawl with a low-cut dress, bolero with dresses vintage style and shawl when you want to add a sophisticated touch to a black dress or red.

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