14 reasons why you should do squats

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If we had to choose one of a handful of great exercise for the body, that would be the squat. But it is important to learn to do it correctly.

Having good technique is essential to avoid injury and make the most. It is not hard or anything and can make anyone with a good joint health.

There is a mistaken belief that they are harmful, they can only make professionals and athletes or those who want to gain muscle. That’s not true, do squats is for everyone, for those who want to lose weight as much for those who want to bulk up or improved performance in sports, for men and women and for those who want to improve the health

Squats Exercise
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But not anticipate us; we have prepared this article for you to know 14 reasons why you should do them.

  1. Increase core strength: Squats attack all your middle and from all angles, abdominal exercises indirect squatting.
  2. Improves circulation: When you sit around your body makes a great effort, blood flows and the result is improved circulation throughout your body.
  3. Increases testosterone and growth hormone: Exercises like squats release hormones that contribute to muscle growth and strength throughout the body.
  4. You can burn fat doing squats: Not directly, but being such a demanding exercise for the body and given its great potential for muscle gain, the greater the amount of muscle burn more calories just to maintain that muscle. Squats keep you burning calories all day long!
  5. You can gain size and strength: When you do you will develop every muscle in your legs because it is an exercise that directly attacks. But because of the flood of hormones released you can gain size and strength in the rest of your body.
  6. It is the perfect complement for everyday tasks: Picking a pot, move furniture, lift a child! The squat you do easier. Think a moment; you perform the exercise movement all the time. So it makes sense that if you do it with weight then when you have to lift something in everyday tasks (including your body) everything becomes much easier.
  7. Strengthen your joints: When you do it properly with good technique that will strengthen your joints. We talked about the joints of the ankles, knees and hips at the same time.
  8. Improved flexibility: The deeper recesses to make them more flexible you become. The squat improves hip flexibility and ligaments and tendons of the legs. And as a bonus you will also improve posture.
  9. You become a better athlete: No matter what sport you do, the squat improve your performance in the sport. Strong legs and powerful quadriceps are essential for a strong lower body. So if you play football, tennis or running, squatting allows you to perform better as an athlete.
  10. Increase your vertical leap: Squats are great for developing the strength you need to jump higher. If you play volleyball or basketball for example it must also be one of your exercises headers.
  11. You will develop a tremendous pair of legs: Male or female, if you look shapely legs like the squat will. Implements exercise regularly and still look like new.
  12. You will also take a rounded buttocks and unemployed: The tail is rounded and stop the natural consequence of this exercise, especially deep squats.
  13. Improve your running speed: There are studies supporting how you can increase your speed sprints sprinting or doing squats.
  14. There is variety: With the weight of the body, with bar, with much weight, little weight, sumo squats, dumbbell, a leg, with jumps. Squats are fabulous and there anyway.

Now that you have read the reasons why you should do squats subtracts one thing that do. Do not neglect one of the most powerful exercises that exist to change your body and that works great for any fitness goal you have. Start small if you never did and see the winning technique and strength. Soon you will experience firsthand the benefits of having them in your routine.

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