The benefits of outdoor sports

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Let’s be clear, it is hard to find the motivation to exercise outdoors these days of cold. The amenities offered by the gyms facilities often make them lock ourselves in our conduct routine physical. Given that autumn temperatures still allow us to move through the streets without risking our health, we remind all the benefits of outdoor sports. Do not seat on the couch and points!

Outdoor Sports
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According to a recent study, conducted by researchers at the University Of Essex (UK), during the first five minutes of exercise outdoors, whatever the activity is when the largest increase in self-esteem and mood enhancement occurs. Because the recognized benefits of exercise the body is added the positive impact of staying in green spaces, surrounded by nature, clean air, enjoy the sunshine and, ultimately, the feeling of freedom that is not taken within a gym.

Outdoor sport is easy… Walking, running or cycling are free and available to anyone other activities like, rowing, golf, skiing, horseback riding and team activities may require more infrastructure but not least advisable.

All of them can be done in groups and that helps us relate social and giving us extra to make this sport in the company of other pleasure. It was found that the level of endorphins (called happy hormones) that is generated by outdoor sports is higher than in a closed space, and if it is done in a group with family or friends, pleasure increases even more.

Obviously to do half an hour of continuous run by a park or a street circuit is more rewarding for ways to do it on a treadmill in front of a television with ten unknown trotting in tapes or pedal bicycles with yours. Also running is much better biomechanically natural circuits, and all the muscles and tendons of the limbs are exercised to be changes of direction, altitude and even pace, and this is very important in terms of coordination and proprioception of ankle and knee and strengthening of all muscle chains.

To complete a good workout in a park we can take a rubber band that tying it to a tree or pole can help us to perform arm exercises, trunk or legs. And if possible, it is important to take advantage of the sunshine, as it influences the production of vitamin D.

More recent studies have shown that exposure to ultraviolet rays from healthy individuals achieved a sustained reduction in blood pressure. Since a small reduction in blood pressure at the population level can result in a big impact on cardiovascular mortality or myocardial stroke-for infarction- can conclude that outdoor exercise has a clear positive impact on the population.

It is also important to remember that in the autumn must be extremely personal, such as breathable wear proper clothing and make good hydration care, because in cold weather but not enough we also lose a lot of liquid. And if we live in big cities we try to run in parks or gardens avoiding busy streets and especially at peak times there may be more pollution.

You have to keep practicing sport in autumn-winter and should be possible to combine a more aerobic training fund and resistance outdoors by running or biking, and a specific component in the gym, where you can enhance muscle work and leveraging stretching machines and qualified personnel of these centers.

If you are able to get off the couch, you will get benefit of which is sweating in the cold and even love you. Get up and go out to breathe fresh air!

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