How to Reduce the Risk of Repetitive Strain Injury

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Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI is one of the most common problems a doctor sees on a regular basis. If you ask most doctors, they would tell you that they see a lot of it and that it is a leading cause of work-related injuries. But do you know exactly what causes it? Well, the injury itself occurs when one person repeatedly over strains their muscles in some sort of activity. Repetitive strain injuries are classified as any type of injury where one muscle or set of muscles is repeatedly strained by moving the same muscle in a repeated motion over again. Some of these actions can be in weight lifting, running, sports, and some can even be seen with everyday tasks like typing.

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How to reduce the risk of RSI? How to reduce the risk of getting injured in the first place is always going to be a big consideration. First off, if you have already been injured then it is recommended not doing any more strenuous activity for awhile until the swelling has gone down and/or the pain has gone away. Next you should look at stretching exercises and massage. These two things can go a long way to helping you reduce the risk of further injury. For work injury, ensure you have an ergonomic workstation. For supportive Reception Chairs, visit Best Buy Office Chairs

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The key thing is to keep the muscles relaxed. When muscles are tensed up, they will be more prone to injuries. Warm up this area first by having some gentle massage or using a heat pad. Then you should start to work the area with some exercises to warm up the muscles.


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