Making the Most of the Winter Darkness

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As we head into the darker months of the year, we change our habits and go about life in a different way. Often, people can feel down and depressed during this period of the year as we head to work in the dark and usually come home in the dark too.

However, rather than being down about all of this darkness during the winter, why not see what good things you can make the most of during these long hours of darkness. Here are a few ideas for you…

Astronomy – With the additional darkness comes a better chance to view the night sky. Darker skies are great news for astronomers and at this time of the year on a clear night head to a rural location away from the bright lights of the towns and cities to see what you can spot in the sky. Use a telescope to look at the moon and the planets that are visible at the moment – if your telescope is powerful enough, you could even spot some of Jupiter’s moons, or the rings around Saturn. Of course, always make sure that you tell someone where you are going when you are heading out on a dark night.

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Indoor Crafts – Now is a great time to snuggle up indoors and spend some time being creative. From making food to knitting, there are many activities indoors that can help us through the winter months. Rustle up some hearty and nutritious meals to keep the body feeling healthy. You could also knit some comfy jumpers and blankets to help to see you through the winter – have a look online for crochet blanket kits like this to get you started.

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Looking out for Winter Wildlife – As much of the natural world heads off to sleep and hibernate, there are some animals that come into their own during the winter months. The longer hours of darkness mean that you may have a better chance of spotting some of the nocturnal animals of the UK such as owls. There are also many species of bird that arrive in the UK to spend the winter here, so have a look for these winter visitors.

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