Six Cooking Rules You Can Ignore

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There are still a lot of antiquated cooking rules which, due to being repeated on countless websites, may never quite go away. Some of these rules are even repeated by professional chefs. Some are modern and others are quite old. Here are some kitchen rules, covered by best no deposit bonus casinos USA, which you can safely ignore.

Always Rinse Chicken Before Cooking

Yes, even some professional chefs believe that rinsing chicken and meat before cooking will render it safer and reduce cross-contamination. In fact, the opposite is true. Rinsing chicken before cooking will not help prevent contamination nor will it make the chicken safer to eat. Cooking to a proper temperature is the most important way to prevent food poisoning from poultry or meats.

Let Hot Foods Cool Down Before Putting them in the Fridge

Although suggested times vary, it is frequently claimed that hot foods should be allowed to cool down before they are stored in the refrigerator. This is especially true of large pots of soup or other liquids. If you put these hot foods in the fridge, they will release heat and warm up the fridge, thus warming up the other foods. As well, the moisture released will condense and this will lead to bacterial growth. Folks, modern refrigerators can handle it. Don’t leave out your hot foods to cool to room temperature before chilling them in the fridge. This doesn’t mean you have to place them in the fridge immediately, but waiting too long is worse than storing them when hot, you can just opt for games at

Mussels are Done When They Open – Throw Away Unopened Ones

I wrote about this notion way back in 2012. In fact, I may have been one of the earliest persons to tackle it on a dedicated website, although certainly not the first to question it. Like many cooking rules, this one probably derived from one particular source and was simply never questioned. The idea that you should always throw away unopened mussels and clams because it means they are bad, is considered absolute gospel.

You Should Never Cut Lettuce with a Knife!

The idea that you should only tear lettuce is a pet peeve of mine. I absolutely hate huge hand-torn pieces of lettuce in a salad. I prefer my salad chopped and easy to eat. I don’t want to have to unhinge my jaw to take a bite, or cut up the pieces with a knife. Luckily, you can cut your lettuce with a knife all you want and it will not bruise the leaves more than tearing the leaves will. Will the damaged edges turn brown? Yes. But at the same rate regardless of how those damaged edges are produced.

Olive Oil Has a Low Smoking Point So You Can’t Deep Fry With It

I’ve heard this on cooking shows so many times! Only use olive oil for a gentle saute! It can’t handle high heat and will become bitter and smoke. Although an unfiltered EVOO may have a lower smoking point, the fact is that you can deep fry it with olive oil, and this is something that is well-known in Mediterranean cooking. This doesn’t mean you will want to, of course, due to the expense and the strong taste imparted, which may not always be desired.

Spaghetti is Done When it Sticks to the Wall

If you’ve been throwing spaghetti at your wall all these years to see if it is done, all you’ve likely managed to do is make a mess. The stickiness of spaghetti or similar pasta is not an accurate indication of its doneness. And, since many have their own preference as to how al dente their pasta should be, the best test is the tooth test. If you want the best texture possible from your dried pasta, choose a superior pasta product, as I explain while discussing whether fresh pasta is superior to dried pasta.

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