How to Keep Your Wardrobe Organised & Neat

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Have you ever had to leaf through piles and piles of clothing stacked up high in your wardrobe, whilst you desperately look for one of the beautiful Aran Sweatersthat you bought from Shamrock Gift ready for your trip out? Most of us have been in this situation at least one in our lives. It is usually due to having too many clothes or not enough space to store them. This is where organising your clothing can help.

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The best way to start is to look at what storage you have available in the wardrobe. For example do you have hanging space as well as shelving. You can then work through the items that you have and figure out the best place to put them. You should always look to have items that will wrinkle and crease easily put on hangers and then extra items such as jeans and casual trousers and shirts and jumpers folded and placed on shelves.

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For accessories such as shoes you can find boxes that these can be placed in and then stacked at the bottom of your wardrobe or you can have these displayed on shoe shelving like shown in the picture above. Ties can be hung on special hangers and other items like jewellery, hats and gloves can be stored in boxes or baskets so they can be found easily but still look organised.

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