7 Basic Rules Never to Ignore

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In this article,

from real money online casino in Australia, are seven basic rules to not ignore.

1.Keep it Simple 

If you love makeup and you are someone who does makeup on a daily basis then you should try to keep it simple and normal. Fashion styling is all about styling your best look by keeping it simple and elegant and not over-doing it. Overdoing the makeup will make you look odd and there are chances that it might also cause skin irritation. It’s always important to dress for the occasion and not overdo it.

2.Choose the right foundation

Choosing the right shade of foundation is very important otherwise it can spoil the overall look. Foundations come in different shades to match different skin-tones; it is necessary that you understand which shade suits you the best. Foundations are mostly used as the base to apply makeup and hence become the most important step while creating the look you desire. The best way to choose the perfect shade of foundation for yourself is that before buying it, take a dab of it and apply it on your neck. This way you can get the perfect shade according to your skin tone.

3.Keep Your Skin Ready

One very common mistake that every amateur makeup artist makes is that they don’t keep their skin ready for makeup. Our skin is very uneven because of open pores and directly applying makeup without preparing your skin is a strict no and can cause skin irritation. To prepare your skin for makeup use good quality moisturiser and before applying foundation make sure that you use primer, courtesy of top usa casino.

4.Follow a Trusted Makeup Artist

In this digital era, we follow lots of makeup artists and people to find inspiration for fashion styling but most of the time things don’t go well for us. But blindly following any makeup artist is also not advisable. Simply because you can’t be sure if the same steps that they followed will suit your face and skin as well. Things that worked out for them may not work out for you. Before you start applying makeup, always have the steps planned. If you are planning to do a heavy makeup look, then it is advisable to write down the steps so that you don’t get confused. While applying makeup, it is important that you carefully follow these steps.

5.Always Do the Eyes First

Eye makeup alone has lots of elements and involves a series of steps to get the perfect look, so it is advisable to start your makeup with eyes. People use kajal, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye cream and what not. While applying makeup on your eyes, there are chances that something might go wrong and you would have to start all over again. For example, your eye shadow might fall on your cheeks or your eyeliner on both eyes may be uneven. In any case, you would have to wash your face and redo the entire look. Therefore, the best practice that any good makeup artist would follow is to complete the eyes first.

6.No Use of Hands

To avoid skin breakout make sure your hands do not touch your face. Make the use of brushes to apply makeup on your face. Using bare hands can cause skin irritation. In addition, for a smooth and non-patchy looking tone, one must avoid using hands directly to apply makeup. The unevenness often draws unwanted attention to the face.Especially, while applying foundation on your face, one needs to be mindful about using fingers. Instead, use a makeup brush for that fine finish

7.Perfect Shade of Lipstick

Just like foundation you need to pick a perfect shade of lipstick that goes well with your outfit. Today, we also have varieties of lipsticks available such as matte, gloss and normal. Which type of lipstick you use is also dependent upon what the mood or the occasion is. If you are using makeup on a daily basis, it is advisable to use nude shades of normal lipstick and matte lipsticks are preferable for parties and functions.

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