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There is plenty to do in the area around Bournemouth. Nestled on the south coast of England it has much to offer those looking for an activity laden time. Its certainly a paradise for those looking to get some great photographs in. For example, a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer will be totally spoilt for choice when looking for subject matter backgrounds. In fact, if you take a trip to you’ll see a bewildering array of examples. Before that why not come with us and have a look at some of the things you can do when in the area.

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The first thing to take a look at is that which is closer to home where you are staying. Bournemouth beach is a truly lovely golden wonder and there can be few better ways to while away the hours then lounging on it and taking a dip no and again. There is always the chance to make a really good sandcastle as well before the tide comes in and washes it all away. After that there is the spectacular pier to stroll along. The original purpose of piers was so that the visitor could wander out in to the middle of the sea and take in the therapeutic and restorative air. You can still do that and get some truly beautiful panoramic views along the south coast to boot. You will find the traditional amusements and games on the pier. That’s not the only thing though. The attractions on the pier are top class and the addition of zip wire that means you can get back to the shore line a lot quicker. It’ll help you beat the queues to the fish and chip shops if nothing else.

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As you’ve made it back so quickly into town why not move a bit inland and wander to the splendour of the Bournemouth Gardens. This follows a pretty little stream through its centre, and it has some lovely walks to follow including some woodland areas. Whilst you’re there why not take part in a nice game of mini golf and then listen some tunes at the old Victorian bandstand. There are tea’s and coffees available at the concessions stand, its great spot to have a picnic too.

It starts to rain, and this is Britain don’t forget, so there is still lots of shopping to partake in or, if you can get a ticket, watch one of the countries top football matches as Bournemouth currently play in the football premier league there is always the Aquarium where there is a otter pool and a Great Barrier reef exhibit to name but a few parts. It’s a great pace for a holiday.

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