Natural remedies to remove stretch marks

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The appearance of stretch marks is a poor suffering men and women alike. We offer some tips to remove stretch marks or prevent them.

What are stretch marks?

Sometimes the skin is causing sudden and excessive stretching breakage less elastic fibers, leaving marks on the skin that we know as stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a problem especially aesthetic, not usually painful but sometimes can notice a slight burning in the area where they appear.

When stretch marks appear have a pink color changes to red to end up having a whiter than the rest of the skin tone. The places where stretch marks usually appear are the belly, hips, buttocks, legs, thighs and breasts.

Natural remedies
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Most common causes of stretch marks

  • Winning and losing weight quickly: It makes the skin has to stretch a lot.
  • Hormonal changes: Puberty and menopause.
  • Too rapid muscle development: The case of bodybuilders.
  • Pregnancy: Skin is over-stretched and after childbirth a hard time regaining its original elasticity.
  • The genetic factor is one of the most common causes of stretch marks.
  • Excessive use of some medications.
  • Dry skin without elasticity is more prone to stretch marks.
  • Diabetes: In diabetics stretch marks are more frequent.

Tips to prevent stretch marks

  • Get stretch marks occur once disappear is quite difficult so we must be careful and try to prevent its occurrence.
  • Try our weight remains as stable as possible, sudden changes favor the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • We must follow a healthy and balanced diet and drink plenty of water.
  • Keep our skin hydrated and supple.
  • Activate circulation; this can be done by changing the water temperature when we take a shower.
  • Extreme care and care for the skin during pregnancy.

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Some natural remedies to remove stretch marks

  • Grape pulp: Is applied to the groove as if it were a mask, will help moisturize our skin and patiently get gradually eliminate stretch marks.
  • Horsetail: 100 g macerate. Ponytail with a few drops of lemon in a liter of alcohol 40 ° for a month, apply massaging the skin.
  • The carrot applied as a mask is also highly recommended.
  • Using natural olive, castor, coconut or lavender.
  • Creams rich in vitamins A, B, E and D.
  • Arnica cream, applied three or four times a day, can wiser very effective to remove stretch marks.
  • Cream for stretch marks avocado half an avocado pulp must be mixed with a tablespoon of honey and lemon; apply daily by massaging in circular shape.
  • The sweet almond oil is undoubtedly the best remedy (and cheaper) than there is for stretch marks. It works great to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

Other treatments to remove stretch marks

  • Laser therapy: There are several types of treatment; the dermatologist will advise us the most suitable.
  • Chemical peeling of more or less power.
  • Creams containing Retino-A: Been shown to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. They should atizarse during pregnancy or while breast – feeding a baby this.

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