How to stage your home to sell

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Owners who put their home on the market usually have two main goals: to sell quickly and for as much as possible. This means making sure your house looks at its absolute best. The clutter and detritus of everyday life need to be cleared away, of course, but what else can you do to achieve a quick sale?

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1. First impressions count

Work on your home’s kerb appeal, as people take an average of 27 minutes to decide whether to buy a home. Tidy the garden, weed the pathways, get the windows professionally cleaned, and make sure the porch or hallway is free of shoes, boots and coats so that the first space they step into is a clean and inviting one.

2. Tackle your to-do list

We all have small DIY jobs around our home that we have been meaning to do, and the time to do them is before putting your home on the market. This may include touching up peeling paint, filling cracks and replacing broken tiles.

3. Make it smell good

You may not need to fill your home with the scent of baking bread or freshly ground coffee but you do need to make your home smell great. Use candles, plug-ins and reed diffusers.

4. Light it up

Ditch the mood lighting and make sure your house is light and bright. Illuminate dark areas with lamps and let in as much natural light as possible. Make sure you get the right balance, as too dark is uninviting while too bright is too intense.

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5. Add luxe

Adding luxe touches will help to impress house viewers. Whether a bouquet of fresh flowers, a stunning dried flower arrangement or a new set of coordinating towels, these additions can help to give your home an extra touch of class.

6. Paint it

It is no secret that buyers often love to see neutral colours so that they can envisage clearly how they can use the space. If you have a lime green feature wall in your lounge, now might be the time to paint it white. Besides, what could be more attractive than fresh paintwork?

Buyers will need a building survey before they purchase a house, as major concerns could deter them or spark a price negotiation. When it comes to a building survey London has the highest prices, peaking at around £1,200. The average building survey, London excluded, costs £800. A building survey London or otherwise is essential to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

First, though, a well-staged home is essential to get buyers through the door.

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