Activated charcoal mask patch for blackheads

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Blackheads are usually located on the nose, forehead and a little on the chin. To facilitate its removal, on the market there are special patches.

Before applying them the skin should be cleansed and the pores must be opened, better then after an invigorating shower or in the absence of time with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water and kept for a few minutes on the parts to be treated.

Once the patches are applied they are allowed to act until they feel dry, then they should be removed slowly without tearing.

Mask for face removing blackheads?

The most innovative treatment, however, which is becoming widely used in the beauty routine of many people affected by this unsightly disorder, concerns the application of the black mask on the face: a beauty mask that removes blackheads and makes the skin luminous and free from impurities.

On the market there are not many types, but beware that not all have the same principle and some are actually not active at all.

Mask application removing blackheads?

Once applied to the skin, this type of mask creates a shiny black film similar to latex that eliminates blackheads from the skin.

The black color that characterizes it is due to its composition, mostly based on charcoal which is also the main active component.

Once spread on the face, the mask adheres to the skin as if it were honey, eliminating impurities and leaving the skin smooth and purified. This mask of oriental origin is also effective in the elimination of excess sebum and is also indicated for those who suffer from skin aging due to excessive exposure to the sun.

The application takes about 20-30 minutes, enough time for the cream to dry well.

Activated charcoal blackhead face mask

  • Features: Oil-control, anti-aging, acne treatment, Pure natural bamboo charcoal ingredient, healthier
  • Function: Oil Control, Acne Treatment, Strong Penetration Ability, Removal of Blackheads and Acne, No Damage to Facial Skin, Uses to Clean Acne Depth and Blackheads on Forehead, Nose, chin, Shrink pores, To purify the skin, It takes away the old cellular tissue, Acne, The excess of oiliness, Prevents the blockage of pores
  • Effect: Fast convergence pores to improve skin, helps keep the nose and face smoother
  • Hint: The dosage of the should be appropriate, If it is too thin, The mask will be difficult to remove as a whole, The absorption effect will be insignificant, If too thick, The waiting time will be very long, It is recommended to use it with a quantity that only covers the skin
  • Warning: Before use, please perform the skin test on the inside of the arm, and if there is any redness phenomenon, please do not use.

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