Uses of Copper Alloys and Its Many Forms

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A variety of alloys that are commonly used for jewelry making have been tinged with copper as the base metal. Tin cans used as money, weapons, utensils, watches, etc. were all tinged with copper. In the 1800’s the French experimented with using copper and tin as an alloy to experiment with corrosion resistance, conductivity, homogenous conductivity, electrical insulating properties, etc.

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Alloys containing copper are flexible; ductile, having good electrical and mechanical properties, conductive, non-corrosive, lightweight, etc., Thus they are widely used in a wide range of applications. Copper is also used in plumbing due to its electrical and mechanical properties. It can be used in almost any application where you may require some component with good electrical and mechanical properties. The most popular alloys containing copper are copper piping, copper wires, copper roofing, plumbing joints, soldering gun, soldering stations, soldering iron, etc. Copper has the ability to conduct and insulate heat well and hence it has great thermal conductivity properties. Its anti-corrosion and galvanizing property make it highly suitable for use in high wear areas. Now we have Euromac Bending Machines to do the hard work. Cotswold Machinery Sales have loads.

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Due to its great variety and the various applications to which it is put, copper has become a very valuable metal. First used in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian civilization, the Aztec civilization, Chinese civilization, etc, it was refined in Europe during the Middle Ages under the rule of Charlemagne, the 10th century, by the barons of Italian city-state Nice. From there it travelled across the world till the inception of the first worldwide currency, the gold standard, made use of by governments and individuals worldwide to secure their monetary value.


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