Burns: Do’s and Don’ts

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Did you know that more accidents occur that are domestic? As we read on the website of the Organization of Consumers every 24 seconds an accident occurs in the home environment: falls, poisoning and burns leading to the hospital not only children but young people and care, women ( 57% of the injured are women). Knowing what to do about domestic accidents, meet techniques first aid to place dressings and bandages or make the first treatment in a burn is vital to maintaining health there should be the safest in the world: our own home.

What to do if burns?
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What to do if Burns?

The first thing to do after a burn is to calm down and soothe the injured person. It seems a truism, but I will say from experience: the nerves are the worst friend of first aid to a domestic accident. Now for the following tips offered by an organization of confidence, the Red Cross:

  • If the accident causing the burn was caused by the discharge of water or hot oil, the first thing we have to do is to remove the container and unplug the kitchen or griddle.
  • Then we cool burns quickly with a soft but steady stream of fresh water. The Red Cross recommends washing with water burns for about fifteen minutes or until the pain subsides.
  • When the pain of the burns has been reduced, the affected area will dry well and we will cover with a clean cloth to prevent infection (bandages, dressings …). If burns have affected an area larger than the palm of the injured or burned skin as it seems “carbonized”, do not hesitate: call emergency or go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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A special case: Direct flame burns

The burns direct flame is usually very serious. If someone in your household is on fire:

  • By reflex, he wounded her to run. Do not let tomb the injured on the ground, a fire blanket check it over and make it roll off the fire.
  • When the fire is out, the injured cooled with fresh water, dry it gently trying to touch as little as possible burns and cover your body with a clean sheet.
  • Call on emergency

Don’ts if burns?

  • Forget the popular belief that the dentifrice cream is best to clean small burns, use only pure water.
  • A serious burn usually asks you water while emergency services arrive. In that state, drink water, coffee or even painkillers are a bad idea. Calms and accompanies the accident while awaiting helps, but do not give anything to drink.
  • Do not break the blisters that usually form on burns.
  • In the event that the burns were produced by the direct action of the fire:
  • Do not try to put out the fire with water, you can make the flames and the injured suffered burns much more serious intensify.
  • Do not try to heal wounds with creams, dressings or gauze, expected professional help.
  • Not try to loosen the clothing that he has been stuck to the burned body.

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Material First Aid for burns

In every home there is a tin box, bag or briefcase with aspirin, bandages, dressings, hydrogen peroxide, bandages … But not all kits have the necessary equipment to treat minor burns or apply first aid medical care needed while arrives. Notes the basic material of a first aid kit for burns suggested by the Red Cross:

  • Gauze of different sizes.
  • You bandages.
  • Sticking plaster.
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Band strips.
  • Scissors and tweezers blunt.

One last tip that you might know, but we sometimes forget: the first aid kit should be in a room of the house easily accessible to adults, but inaccessible to children.

Do not you have completed the first aid for burns? Come near to the nearest pharmacy, you know that prevention is better than cure.

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