Trap clothing for men

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For a long time, urban culture has been giving us quite characteristic clothing styles that have gradually become fashionable. Everything related to the urban and the “street” style has created a new aesthetic derived from music that has become fashionable to stay.

What is interesting about the trap clothing style is that it manages to combine elements in an unconventional way, which allows each person to have their own personality when dressing. If you are interested in this style of clothing and want to know more about it, continue reading.

The origin of men’s trap clothing

Although this style of clothing has become popular throughout the world, its beginnings are in Atlanta, United States. The context in which it developed is closely related to the music of the same name, trap.

The essence of this style is in young people from the neighborhoods, but over time it has become popular and has become an element of urban culture that many people around the world replicate in their style.

Although trap, as a musical genre, is an urban music style, it is not limited to this style only. It could be said that it is an eclectic style, each one of the ragpickers creates songs with different mixtures and that makes each song unique. And this peculiarity of music is also present in trap clothing. Although there are some distinctive elements, each man can create his own style.

The principles of trap fashion

With the passage of time and the popularization of the music style, a quite specific aesthetic of trap clothing has been generated, although each person can choose what to wear. Trap dressing is not an exact formula, but a combination of characteristic elements that represent the style.

Among the most common garments used are sneakers, sportswear, casual clothing, caps, and eye- catching prints such as animals or camouflage. In any case, it is important to take into account:


Although there are many brands, and imitations of clothing that have always existed, original garments are an important part of the essence of trap clothing. This represents status, so if you’re wearing a cap, it should ideally be from a well-known brand. In case you don’t have too much of a budget, there are now many cheaper brands that keep the style and can work very well.

For example, it is common to see a trap singer with a tracksuit from a football team and no, they are not always from Barça or Madrid, the original is unusual.


This style of dress is very understated, so you have the freedom to mix it up as you wish. As each person dresses as they wish, you can create looks with many colors and combinations of psychedelic prints, although there are slightly calmer clothing styles with neutral colors such as black, white, or beige.


Although this may vary, everything that is oversize will look great and represents a lot of styles. Applies to both pants and t-shirts. We must remember that the oversize is a type of cut, although if you do not get garments of that cut, you can opt for a t-shirt about 2 sizes larger than yours and it will give a similar style.


This is something that can also vary greatly, but it is important that it is present. The most common are chains around the neck, and if they are gold, much better, although diamonds have become very fashionable.

Good glasses can never be missing, but these are not to cover your eyes from the sun or to see. The glasses that are used are more of posture and are one more accessory in the look. It is also usual to use earrings, rings and watches.

The characteristic garments of trap clothingThe characteristic garments of trap clothing

Now that you know some of its principles, we will now tell you about the most characteristic elements of this style. If you want to have a 100% trap look, we recommend that you include:

Cargo pants

These types of pants are one of my favorites, and they are again a trend after many years. The pants of this style are made of stretch fabric, so it is much more comfortable. They are much tighter at the ankle, and then they get wider until they reach the waist where they have more adjustment.

One of the most characteristic elements of this type of pants is that they have many pockets, from 2 to 4 is ideal. Although things can be stored in them, they are used more for decoration. In addition, ribbons usually hang from the pockets that give movement and dynamism to the pants, not to mention that quite interesting color combinations can be created.

Chest bag

The Chest Bag, are a kind of evolution of the fanny packs that were fashionable several years ago. The point is that these are no longer at the waist , but are placed on the chest. Although there are some quite simple ones with a style similar to that of fanny packs, the ones that are most identifying with the trap style are those that go on the chest.

The designs are multiple, but the most sought-after are those that look like harnesses . These have several adjustable straps at the back and at the front, it looks like a bib. The objective of these Chest Bags is to be an accessory, although it is used to store things.


Shorts are also one of the most characteristic elements of this style of clothing. If someone isn’t wearing cargo pants, he sure as hell has shorted. Jeans will rarely be used, although it is an option if you know how to combine it quite well.

The length of this type of shorts can vary, but the usual thing is that they are above the knee. Like all garments of this style, it is important that the shorts are oversize, so a little wide will not look bad.

The most common is that they are black shorts, but there is an infinity of colors that you can try and create interesting combinations.

Sweatshirts with hoodies

In the case of hooded sweaters, it is something that cannot be forgotten either. It is important that these types of sweaters are used quite large or oversize. The usual thing is that they are worn over a t-shirt and in most cases the t-shirt is also seen as it is oversize and long. So a layered look is being created.

The most common color to wear sweaters of this style is black, but more vivid colors also work very well. Remember that the trap clothing style does not have a defined color palette so you have the option to choose what you want.

Also, take into account that you have freedom in terms of patterns . Although many men who wear this style of clothing opt for basic, unprinted garments, you can look for some pieces that have Asian-style prints that are quite trendy or any other print that you like.


Although we have left it for last, it is one of the most characteristic elements of the style and the principle of originality is applied as it gives much more status. The footwear that is used are slippers , as it is something urban, comfort is essential.

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