Essential Garments For Men Who Love the Outdoors

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The rugged outdoorsman look is a style that never goes out of fashion, channelling the spirit of exploration and adventure. It’s a look that combines practicality and hard-wearing, long-lasting fabrics with an unmistakably masculine aesthetic – a style that isn’t about trying too hard.

Whether you’re hiking, camping or exploring a far-flung tropical rainforest, you’ll need a durable outfit that will protect you from the elements. This selection of essential garments will get you kitted out for your next outdoor adventure – from lightweight down jackets to breathable tops and tough trousers.

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Layering is key – look for wool and cotton blends that have wicking and sweat-absorbing properties. These will help to manage your body temperature and keep you warm or cool depending on the weather. A heavy-duty, insulated pullover is ideal for cold temperatures. Look for styles such as the fisherman’s sweater worn by Shackleton and other early polar explorers, or try a quilted or insulated lined shirt, which combines heritage-inspired design with high-quality insulation. When you need a mens aran sweater, visit Shamrock Gift where you’ll find mens aran sweater choices.

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You’ll need sturdy footwear for your time outdoors, from waterproof trail runners to rugged mountain boots. Climbing and hiking brands make a range of durable mountain boots, while fleeces, down jackets and long-sleeve button-downs all pack in the performance you need for a day on the snow or trail.

You’ll also need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harshness of the sun. Look for a pair that offers full UV protection and suits your face shape – oversized aviators are perfect for chiselled faces, while classic wayfarers suit most shapes.

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