How to make a surprise box step by step

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A surprise box is named in this way because the content is unknown by the person who receives it. It is a resource used as an option to give a gift. We explain how to make a surprise box step by step.

What is a surprise box?

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A surprise box , also known as an explosive box or mysterious box , is a box that is usually used as an option to give a gift, because the content inside is unknown to the person who receives it, so in addition to being a gift It adds some intrigue to the whole situation. Finally it is a good option to give something because they are simple, easy to make and can be personalized in every way.

Let’s make a pretty surprise box!

A surprise box as its name indicates is perfect to surprise a person at some time, because in that minute while it opens a lot of intrigue will be created in the person who receives it. Inside you can enter all kinds of gifts for textures, for an invisible friend, by size and more.

Materials to make a surprise box

  • Gray cardboard.
  • A pencil.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Cold silicon
  • Surprise box

Make a surprise box step by step

  • Step 1 – Cut the cardboard with the shape of a cross, where each box measures 41 cm x 41 cm. It is necessary to mark with the end that does not have edge of the scalpel each of the intersections between the frames, in order to facilitate the folds.
  • Step 2 – Proceed to cut the fabric to measure the cross leaving a small surplus.
  • Step 3 – Use the roller to spread the glue on one side of the cardboard and stick the fabric. Trim the leftovers, but leaving tabs diagonally for each side of the boxes as shown in the image.
  • Step 4 – Use the cold silicone to stick each of the tabs that have formed on the ends of the box. This must be done towards the inside of the cross.
  • Step 5 – Repeat the same procedure above, but this time with a cardboard cross and a different colored fabric.
  • Step 6 – When finished, glue the two pieces of your surprise box together.
  • Step 7 – Use a ruler for each of the intersections and fold the boxes very carefully so that the surprise box is formed.
  • Step 8 – Now you must cut four more squares and apply the same lining process.
  • Step 9 – To stick the elastic, use cold silicone and secure with tape, go around the frame and stick on the other side.
  • Step 10 – Finish the process for all four boxes and paste each of them in its surprise box inside. They can be covered with some tape at the ends to ensure.
  • Step 11 – A large square and two short sides are needed for the lid.
  • Step 12 – The same procedure will be applied to the painting, only the edges of the fabric will be cut flush.
  • Step 13 – The same for the sides, but only three sides are cut flush and a left flange is left in a horizontal bending and sticking.
  • Step 14 – Stick all sides with cold silicone and if you want some tape.
  • Step 15 – If you want to cover the cardboard you can stick some fabric and cover the tabs in a similar way to the previous steps.
  • Step 16 – Locate the elements of the surprise box inside.
  • Step 17 – Close the surprise box with the lid.


In a normal house many wastes are generated every day. Dispose of organic waste, up to containers, video or batteries. Included the cardboard, since many products come inside boxes. The usual thing is to throw this excess into the trash and let the local services recycle it. But it is much better to learn how to make custom cardboard boxes step by step.

With this solution you can make your own boxes, reusing the cardboard that comes in the products you buy. So you will have boxes to make gifts or to keep everything you need. This way you take advantage of the cardboard and you always have half boxes for your things. What do you think of the plan? Read on to learn how to make custom cardboard boxes step by step.

If you want to learn how to make custom cardboard boxes step by step, the first thing you need to know is the box size you want. Measure the objects that you are going to put in it and count on an extra centimeter to have margin. Errors can always arise and in the end the box will be small if you do not add something extra.

The materials you will need to make custom cardboard boxes step by step are:

  • Scissors and / or cutter It is not essential to have both elements, but it is better to have both.
  • Pencil and paintings. This way you can mark the lines of cut and dubbing.
  • To be able to mark the straight lines.
  • Scotch tape. It can be transparent tape, washy tape, or any type gold.
  • Paper or paint. To decorate the box, if you want. You can use all kinds of material to decorate.


When you have clear measurements, it is time to draw the pattern on the cardboard. First you must draw a square or a rectangle that represents the base. Four other squares or rectangles that will be the walls will start from that initial figure. Where these 5 pieces come together are the lines through which you will fold the cardboard, the rest will be cut.


Cut out the entire piece. Be careful to leave the five parts together and do not cut too much. It is usual that this happened. To avoid this you can draw the dubbing lines in one way and the cut lines in another way.


Then you can bend the joints between the base and the walls. This way you will begin to shape your box. Make sure you fold all the pieces well, so you can close the box when the time comes. But do not pass, if the cardboard is not very strong it can end up breaking.


The lid can be made in the same way as the body of the box. You can leave a little extra cardboard in each wall and then fold it inside

If this is the case, make sure to draw the base of the lid a little bit larger than necessary, so that the flange fits inside. Think that the size of the lid is already going to be larger than the base of the body of the box. It has to be outside the box and all the walls must be inside.

This is the funniest part; it’s time to decorate the box. You can paint it, cover it, put stickers, buttons, strings or whatever else you want. Personalize it and make it fit in the use you want to give it.


The corrugated cardboard boxes are much more beautiful and decorative. Not only does it fulfill a storage function, but they can also be precious and serve as a gift or decorative item package.

Corrugated cardboard is one that is corrugated, so it is easily handled. It is very versatile and adaptable; it serves to make almost any shape and holds up well that way without needing to stretch again.

To make this type of boxes you also need to calculate how big you want to do it. This will determine what size the base of the box will be. And once you have clear measures you should think about the form. Some examples:

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  • Heart shaped box
  • With star shape.
  • Round
  • Squa
  • With a cloud shape

There are as many options as your imagination allows you to devise. We advise you to start with a more or less easy way. When you have done a couple of them, it will be easier to launch complicated solutions.

  • Draw the chosen shape on a regular cardboard base.
  • Trim the base and make sure you do not leave impurities or irregularities.
  • Cut out a strip of corrugated cardboard of the length and height you need. Cut it a little longer to have margin.
  • This strip is the wall of the box. Glue it around the base you have cut previously.
  • Hold the box well so that it dries the tail and does not take off anything.

Then you will have to make the cover. For that you need a base in the same way as the box, but with a slightly larger size. With the corrugated cardboard you will make the wall of the box, which should be outside the body.

Some of these cards are already colored, saving you the step of decoration. Even so, you can customize the box as much as you want to achieve the desired final look. Surely all the boxes look great! As you can see, it is a very easy way to reuse cardboard, reducing waste and creating new uses.

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