Nails designs in black and white

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Nails designs-A black and white decorated nails are an excellent option for women who pay attention to this part of their body and who want to show off a perfect manicure. Also, this is a good decision because it combines seamlessly with daily attire. You can also see our article of nails designs in silver

Nail designs decorated with black and white

best Nail designs

One of the main advantages of the nails designs in black and white is that they allow endless possibilities in terms of figures or decoration tools are concerned.

Nails designs in black and white

The lines are a very good decision in these cases, since the contrast that is achieved between black and white is most appropriate for the nails.

Of the same in that the decoration of the nails with lines is a great alternative, doing it with points is also worth it.

If you liked these nail designs, we invite you to see hundreds of different styles of decorated nails so you can choose the one you like best

Nails designs in white with black borders

It is a basic design for the nails, but because of its characteristics it is elegant enough, to attract the eyes of all. Its use is recommended as a complement to an elegant suit.

Nails decorated in white with black dots

The contrast that is achieved between a white and a black tone, is an interesting bet for the decoration of the nails.

It must be taken into account in this regard, that blacks can be distributed uniformly or randomly throughout the nail.

Nails decorated in white with black lines

The possibilities are almost endless when the black lines on the nails are used for decoration on a white background. You can choose geometric figures or more abstract designs.

Nails decorated in black background with white dots

The contrast is what is sought with this type of design, so the spots or white spots are a good way to give an artistic touch to the nails.

Black background nails with white lines

Although it can be said that the conventional is a proposal in which the colors are used to the contrary, the truth is that a black background with white lines for the nails draws much attention. If you liked these designs you can see our article of nails decorated with lines

Nails decorated with black background

It is proposed in this case to opt for the abstract figures, but all of them using the white tone.

This is a more daring design for nails designs with a black background but where the Moon is intended to be represented by the use of a white color.

Do not worry too much about the abstract figures that are used. Even with a white swirl on a black background the result will be incredible.

Nails decorated in black and white with geometric figures

This is one of the most liked options among the designs, because it is not so conventional and in turn it is not so difficult to obtain this kind of result in the nails.

Regarding geometric figures, not all should be so “psychedelic” , in reality they can be a little more demure.

A combination of lines, squares and rectangles is also sufficient for this kind of proposal.

Nails decorated in black and white with designs

Imagination plays an important role in these nail designs with black and white. For example in this case, with a combination between the designs of two nails.

On the other hand, also because of the contrast that is generated between the two tones, another class of somewhat abstract figures can be proposed.

Playing with the possibilities of the two colors, you can even allow a design of a black and white flag to be made in an incredible one!

Nails decorated with a skull in black and white

For women who want to dare a little more and apply a design somewhat out of the ordinary, they are proposed to follow the steps described in the image. In the end the result will be incredible.

Simple black and white nails

In many occasions the elegance is obtained by opting for simplicity. The previous design is an excellent sample of the previous thing, where it is not necessary to be exaggerated or surpassed with the tones.

A black background and one other figure, is also a valid alternative to get the perfect design when decorating the nails.

Nails decorated in black and white with dots

A mixture between black points or white dots is an interesting solution to obtain a very attractive design for the nails. If you liked this design you can see our article of nails designs with dots

Working specifically and focused on the edges of the nails is a very well appreciated technique. It is suggested in these cases to use the points with one of the two tones: white or black.

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