How to grow eyebrows fast

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The query for how to grow eyebrows grow faster than the most recurrent among women, since by making this more populated the look becomes sexier. We share home remedies to grow eyebrows faster.

At first we must take into account how thick we want our eyebrows and once we have it clear, we can act to reach our dreamed eyebrows. Because do not kid yourself you can have the eyebrows you want. In addition it is also very important to see which is the eyebrow shape that most favors our face before venturing to wax, so now there are cosmetic studies that study the shape of your face to tell you which eyebrows are the best for you.

Something that will never fail you, if for example you have quite depopulated eyebrows, is the makeup and is that now there are many brands that offer a wide range of tools to make our eyebrows no longer have small bald spots. Many times these can be the cause of our insecurity, something that should not happen.

But if you decide to use these types of products to cover these small imperfections of the eyebrows you should try to make them as natural as possible, since many times it is too artificial if too many of these products are applied.

How long do the eyebrows take to grow?

make grow eyebrows

The eyebrows take on growing 0.16 mm per day. In comparison with the scalp whose growth phase is 85%, the eyebrows present 15%. Also the length of the eyebrows usually does not exceed two centimeters.

Can you grow eyebrows faster?

It is possible to grow eyebrows faster and to achieve this there are home remedies that can accelerate the growth process and also ensure that they grow more populated. Anyway, we must consider that when growing more populated, it will take a little more time, since the idea is just that they can grow better.

Remedies to grow eyebrows fast

Each of the home remedies to grow the quick eyebrows that are shared below are natural products that are responsible for stimulating hair during its growth phase, which means that its development is accelerated and the eyebrows are born more populated. Among some of the suggested remedies are: onion, castor oil, coconut oil, egg, Vaseline, aloe Vera, coconut or lemon.

Make eyebrows grow fast with Onion

The onion juice is a very good help to encourage hair growth. In this case, it is necessary to rub a little juice of an onion, although with great care not to disturb the eyes and wait for an hour so that it can act. When finished, you should rinse.

Make eyebrows grow fast with coconut oil

You should put the coconut oil to warm just a little and the moment you are warm (of course never hot), you will have to apply with your fingers on the eyebrows. You should massage for a few minutes until it is completely absorbed.

Make eyebrows grow fast with Vaseline

It is necessary to apply a film of Vaseline on the eyebrows. In this case you can comb them using the same and within a short time you will be able to observe the new hairs.

Make eyebrows grow fast with milk

Not many people know it, but in milk it is a very good option to stimulate the growth of new hair in the eyebrows. This is because it is very rich in proteins that will nourish the hair follicles. You should take small cotton to soak it in milk and apply with very soft touches on your eyebrows. Allow it to work overnight and then rinse.

Make eyebrows grow fast with Romero

You should do a massage every day on the eyebrows with a mixture composed of rosemary oil baby oil. With the above, the entire area will be nourished and the hair strands will grow back. Likewise, the massage will stimulate blood circulation to enable the eyebrows to be born more populated.

Make eyebrows grow fast with Aloe Vera

It is necessary to take a little aloe Vera gel and apply it on the eyebrows. Now allow it to act for one hour to rinse.

Make eyebrows grow fast with Coco

In a glass cup add a quarter cup of coconut oil with the shells of a lemon. Wait for two weeks so you can rest in a cool, dry place. After this time, use a cotton ball and apply the mixture on the eyebrows every night before going to sleep and wash your face the next day. Never expose yourself to sunlight with this preparation.

Make eyebrows grow fast with olive oil

You will have to apply olive oil to your eyebrows using a cotton ball. This can be done twice during the day, that is, once in the morning and once in the evening. Over time the growth will increase and it will also strengthen the hair.

Make eyebrows grow fast with Egg

Not all people know this secret, but the egg yolk is perfect to stimulate hair growth. An egg should be broken and the yolk separated from the egg white in a container. Now you can beat it with your hand. Once it is completely whipped, it can be applied as a mask on the eyebrows. It cannot be removed before an hour passes, since it is the time indicated for the desired zones to absorb the proteins.

Quickly grow eyebrows with castor oil or castor oil

It is a very powerful ingredient with which the growth of the eyebrows is stimulated. Prepare a mixture with a splash of castor oil and another of the same amount of coconut oil. You will have to mix the two ingredients and with a cotton stick or your finger, go scattering through all the areas where you want to stimulate hair growth.

Quickly grow eyebrows with Almond Oil

It can actually be used alone or in a combination with other essential ingredients such as coconut, olive or castor oil. Once the ready combination is available, it can be applied to the eyebrows. As a tip, you can pre-heat a little to make it more effective.



This product was not going to be just good to make our lips are not cracked and are perfectly hydrated. But it also serves to apply to other very different parts of our face and one of these places is the eyebrows.

If we throw Vaseline 3 or 5 times a day in these in a few months you will notice remarkable results, and that is that your eyebrows will grow at a much faster rate than usual. A trick to not forget to apply Vaseline throughout the day in our eyebrows is that whenever we want or our lips need Vaseline we apply it on the eyebrows. In this way we can already guarantee that we will apply petroleum jelly. The way to apply is very simple, or you can choose to do it with your index finger giving small massages on the eyebrows until it is completely covered by petroleum jelly or you can do it with a stick.

There are also other products such as coconut oil which has very beneficial properties for our eyebrows. It also makes the hair grow in a strong way so it is very positive if we want to maintain nice and populated eyebrows. This product can be applied when we go to sleep to let it act throughout the night and in this way in a month we will notice the results.


It is very important – and this is something that also happens with the hairs of our eyelashes – that in order for the hairs on our eyebrows to grow as quickly as possible, it is to cleanse our face correctly so that no remaining makeup remains between our eyebrows. This mode will grow faster.

There is a wide variety of products on the market dedicated to the care of our skin and more specifically our face and is that there are plenty of cleansing milks that we must buy paying attention to the type of skin we have, so that in this way hydrate and eliminate until the last remaining makeup that is on our face.

We must remember that there are also products specifically designed to grow the hair of our eyebrows, this type can be found in pharmacies or beauty stores, although if you are more than using natural remedies you may like the previous option.

We must also take into account food, and this is a fundamental pillar that affects many aspects of our lives, and also influences when the hair of our scalp grows, too he does it with the eyebrows. Therefore, a healthy diet, free of fats, rich in vegetables and fruits will be of great help.

Olive oil

The olive oil has many properties that help promote hair growth and that has many nutrients that makes the hairs of our eyebrows grow in a fast but also be born strong and not weak, as these can break ease.

As we have explained before, before applying any product, whether it is petroleum jelly or coconut oil we must wash our face so that it is free of any remaining makeup, and especially our eyebrows.

Once we have made sure they are clean, we can start applying olive oil to them and you should do it with an ear swab, pour the oil over it and then spread it over the area of ​​the eyebrows. Accompany it with a gentle massage so that in this way the olive oil can act on the eyebrows and they absorb all the properties that it has.

Rosemary oil

In addition to Vaseline, coconut oil or olive oil there are also other products such as rosemary oil that is quite effective, as it also helps the growth of the scalp, or also castor oil. Also another food that we usually have at home and therefore it is easier to obtain is milk and it is that this milk product nourishes perfectly the area of ​​the eyebrow thus accelerating its growth.

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