Five modern ways to wear a hoodie

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A staple piece for any wardrobe, the hoodie is a modern, versatile essential item to have in your clothing collection. There’s lots of ways to wear a hoodie so you can look the part.

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There’s so many different styles of hoodie available, you can choose from a great range of colours and textures, ones with print or plain. As this is a staple item for your wardrobe, be sure you choose quality garments. There’s a great range to choose from in the collection offered by Calvin Klein hoodies.

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When you’re choosing your outfit, consider the other items in your wardrobe, your jeans, jacket and shoes. Have a look at some guides to get an idea of what looks good, like this one:

With a denim jacket

Hoodies look great under a denim jacket. Mix the colours of the jacket, hoodie and trousers to get the best look. If you do decide to go for the same colour theme, use different textures.

With a blazer

For a smarter casual look, pair the hoodie with a blazer. Go for a hoodie in a thinner fabric so there’s not too much bulk. Get a stylish layered look with a t-shirt under the hoodie.

With a bomber jacket

For a stylish streetwear look, put a hoodie under a bomber jacket and experiment with colours, prints and textures. Bomber jackets are looser so you can choose a thicker type of hoodie without being too concerned about bulk and thickness. Have a look at the range of Calvin Klein hoodies to see what’s available. You can look online to see a great range of mens Calvin Klein hoodies.

With jeans

A classic look, wear your hoodie with a pair of jeans and play around with the colour schemes to get an outfit that looks just right. Most hoodie colours will work with a denim colour palette and you’ll get the mixed textures of the harder wearing denim and the soft hoodie.

With a leather jacket

Take a dark coloured leather jacket and mix it with indigo or black jeans and break up the look with a hoodie under the jacket. Experiment with different colours to get a look that works.

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