Bring a touch of Bridgerton to your Garden – Creating the perfect English retreat

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With summer upon us, now is the time we should be relaxing and enjoying our beautiful English gardens. The timeless grace and attraction of the traditional English country garden is world-renowned and much replicated, both here and further afield. Classic English gardens came into their own during the 18th century and have been influencing modern garden design ever since. If you need finance to enhance the property and want to remortgage but live elsewhere you may require an occupier consent form if this is the case why not visit Sam Conveyancing. Here are some easy ways for you to create your own stunning English country garden, whatever the size:

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The quintessential English garden must include the classic flowers of the land, such as English lavender, roses and foxgloves. As well as flowers, there should be lots of greenery and a willowy tree or two with romantic hanging branches. Climbers and planters are a great addition to soften the appearance of a garden, add layers and texture. Add a little shape by keeping bushes neatly pruned and treat hedges to some imaginative topiary. If you want to include decking or a pebbled area, try to keep a balance between those areas and grassy patches to keep the greenness that’s so essential to a country garden.


In all the best country house gardens there’s a water feature of some sort. Perfect for creating a serene and relaxing environment, a water feature is also great for wildlife. If you have the space for a pond, then brilliant. If not, a smaller and simpler affair will work just as well and have a positive impact on the feel of your garden space. Small fountains with water dribbling over pebbles or a modern, minimalist slate waterfall will both make a wonderful addition to your classic English garden

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Separate zones

A truly traditional English garden has different sections invoking different responses. There would be an area for play, a social area for receiving guests or taking afternoon tea and a quieter space for reading or contemplation. In a smaller garden, the same kind of division can be created by installing a trellis covered in climbing plants, an archway of climbing flowers or a wooden screen. Any of these will create an enticing, multi-layered garden that holds interest and offers different atmospheres depending on where you are. Think about adding vintage ornaments or furniture to give your English garden some heritage. Antique Staddle stones for sale make a beautiful addition to any garden.

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To fully enjoy your garden as an immersive experience, you need to be seated amongst it. A place for quiet contemplation or social gatherings that blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings and offers style, elegance and comfort. Wooden benches and seating are the perfect choice for blending in with natural surroundings and can be made more comfortable with added cushions and shade. A log outbuilding or pavilion makes the ideal secluded spot for relaxation, if you have the space.

Written by Russel Zaman

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