Black face mask – One of the best remedies for acne in the home

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Find out what the black facial mask is: why it is so called, what ingredients are included in its composition, where it can be bought and how to prepare a black mask for cleaning the skin at home. The rules for using this cosmetic and the best recipes you can find here.

What kind of cosmetic face mask does not have to do for women at home! And they look at this moment most often amusing, for fun to all their household members. From this point of view, the most unusual in its kind and even a little frightening is the black face mask, the variants of which can be bought already in ready form, or can be prepared independently at home. Its black color, due to the components, looks quite impartial, but this mask is considered one of the best in the quality and thorough cleaning of the skin. If you are tired of fighting against black spots, acne, blackheads and sebaceous plugs, be sure to try at charcoal for skin cleansing.

Why is the mask black?

Unusual black mask for the face is that it is really black, which is due to the chemical composition of this cosmetic product. Under this name, three active ingredients are hidden, which have excellent skin cleansing properties, but their main pigment is black. To date, three types of black face masks are actively used:

  • Black cosmetic clay;
  • Activated charcoal;
  • Therapeutic mud.

Each of the components is for sure known to you, as it is actively used in modern cosmetology precisely as a part of masks.

All of them are united not only by color, but also by excellent cleansing properties. The main difference between black masks for a person is their consistency.

The most pleasant, oddly enough, is mud, as it is softer and more plastic, it is easily modeled by hands and removed without any problems. Clay masks are thick enough, heavyweight: the feeling of ease will come only after you remove them from the face. Masks-films with activated charcoal are the most effective, but very tightening, quickly drying out and sometimes characterized by a problematic removal from the skin, since they are too strongly adhered to it. However, all the shortcomings of black masks are more than worthwhile with their fantastic efficiency. Keep reading

Effectiveness of the black mask

Any black mask will be effective only if it is used correctly. If the tightening mask-film is tried by the owner of dry skin, as a result, the feeling of tightness will grow into pain, to remove such a remedy will be very problematic, and with the most often thin and very sensitive skin is injured. Or those women who initially did not test the black mask for the presence of allergens in their skin, and then complain of rashes after using this remedy. You cannot be so frivolous: the effectiveness of cosmetics of this kind is possible only with strict adherence to all recommendations. How “black masks” work on the beauty and health of the face:

  • Affect the cellular metabolism, activating various metabolic processes;
  • Give the cells useful minerals, absorbing toxins and toxins;
  • Take care of problem and oily skin ;
  • Have modeling abilities: tighten the contour of the face, relieve the second chin and fleece;
  • Reduce the number of rashes in the form of acne and acne;
  • Eliminate foci of inflammation;
  • Soothe irritations;
  • Improve the complexion;
  • Controlling the activity of the subcutaneous glands, improve the condition of oily skin, eliminating the painful sebaceous sheen that it so often covers;
  • Effectively draw out black dots;
  • Remove the swelling;
  • Give the skin a feeling of freshness, vivacity, charge, tone.

Very effective with proper use, black facial masks are simply necessary as cleansers.

There are practically no alternatives for more effective skin cleaning. Even scrubs just clean the pores, even at a sufficiently deep level. But to participate in cellular metabolism and draw toxins and toxins with maximum effect only black masks are capable.

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