8 daily habits that damage your health

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Physical inactivity, fast food and stress do nothing but damage our health. Notes and do something to remove them from your daily routine. Your body and mind will thank you.

The maelstrom in which we live often pushes us to incorporate into our lives certain bad habits that, tomorrow, we will invoice. So I am careful and avoid them. We help you identify!

1. Skipping breakfast

Many people skip breakfast because of time or fear of gaining weight. Error! These people gain weight because they will have more hungry during the day and worse food selected, tending to eat more fatty and high in simple sugars.

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Breakfast should be between 15-25% of our daily energy. An ideal breakfast consists of: dairy (milk, yogurt, and cheese), carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, whole cerales …) and fruit. You can add olive oil, nuts and even some lean protein: lean ham, natural tuna…

2. Fast food, snacks and snacking

Drinking vegetable or natural fruit juice, or take four walnuts is fully recommended in a healthy diet. These are called snacks healthy. Now if we talk about other snacks as hooks, chips, jelly beans or chocolate rich in fat … it is clear that they will be harmful to our health.

The timing of meals is also very important. And it must do a minimum of three meals being the most recommended 4 to 5 daily.

3. Dinner late and wrong

Late dinner makes us more problems for adequate rest because our bodies have to digest in the hours when we are sleeping. And that dinner should not represent more than 20% of the total energy of our diet.

On the other hand, we tend to accumulate more “hungry” and end up eating more calories than recommended, and even add an aperitif at the end, which provides an extra calorie from simple sugars and fats, no longer burn as we retired to sleep.

Since the saying goes: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a bourgeois and dinner like a pauper!

4. Sedentary

The sedentary lifestyle is one of the top 10 causes of death, disease and disability; constitute the second most important risk factor for health, after tobacco smoking.

Inactivity makes your bones become weak and lose muscle mass. We are weak and our chances of developing arthritis, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis will be much greater in the future. It also favors the emergence of overweight and cardiovascular disease. Still have not you convinced?

Preventing sedentary lifestyles, especially in childhood is essential. And how sedentary prevented? With the adoption of a lifestyle “active” that includes daily practice and regular exercise.

It is advisable to perform 30 minutes of daily physical activity. These can range from taking a walk with the dog dancing or playing sports.

5. Do not watch your view

The technological advances of modern life cause large numbers of people forced to spend much time at the computer, and other electronic devices.

This high visual demand, coupled with environmental factors, has resulted in the emergence of a set of symptoms that have been described as computer vision syndrome (SVO).

This syndrome, which affects three out of four workers, affects their quality of life and is characterized by symptoms such as dry eyes, headache, eyestrain, blurred and double vision and neck pain, back or shoulders.

If this is your case, try to avoid glare, have good lighting, pause, and blink to moisten the eyes and, if necessary, apply artificial tears.

6. Always be stressed

Imagine that when your car is in neutral, instead of 1000 rpm was in 3000 What would happen? Well, besides spending a lot of gasoline you would be subjecting the engine to unnecessary tension that eventually damaging. So stress to the body, in situations of physical danger comes in handy to overcome, but in our day to day what we do is consume resources without using our body to anything useful. And all because we are telling our bodies that we are in danger in situations that, although we seem difficult, do not pose any immediate danger to our survival.

The key is, above all, increase our personal safety or our resources, so that the situations we face in day to day not identify as endangered. Also for change in our thinking patterns, and that people who think negative permanently are subject to a permanent source of stress.

7. Concerns

‘Pre-deal’, as the name implies, means dealing ahead of time and it is obvious that we cannot now turn to things that have not happened yet. This means that we stress our body and mind to work, and we cannot forget that the most energy-intensive cells are neurons.

In addition, the more we worry about something more negative mind is kidnapped by the emotions of fear, anger or sadness we’re feeling and instead of looking for solutions to solve it, what it does is focus on the negative aspects of the situation being created a vicious circle.

As the Chinese proverb says: “If a thing has a solution, why worry!, and if you do not have to worry about!”

8. Do not put cream

The skin is the barrier that protects us from the environment and caring attend to is a fundamental part of us.

External aggression caused by the sun, air and all kinds of chemical and environmental agents cause our skin suffers and drying. Therefore we must pay special attention to your hydration level.

The use of cream not only improves the consistency of the epidermis, but also maintains moisture contributes to cell regeneration, provides vitamins and other essential substances and increases elasticity.

The skin takes a constant process of renewal, but over the years its structure is finer and less waterproof so it appears dry. It is therefore important to help maintain proper humidity level by applying a cream to the affected area daily.

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