Common Summer Injuries and Illness

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Outdoor events are a big part of a British summer. If you’re organising an event this summer or next, make sure you’re prepared for the well-being of your guests by providing adequate care for common summer outdoor injuries. Here are some of the top ailments that people can suffer from spending time outdoors in the summer:

  1. Heat Problems

If we are lucky enough to experience a lovely hot, dry spell, it’s important not to forget how powerful the sun can be. Problems that can occur range from mild dehydration to heat strike and heat exhaustion. Too much sun and not enough hydration can make you feel nauseous, dizzy and with a headache. For help with your event, consider Event Medical Cover from

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  1. Drowning

Chances are your vent won’t involve water, but water-related injuries and deaths rise significantly in the summer due to the temptation for people to cool down in water spots they are not familiar with. Boating, swimming, diving and even paddling can result in a number of injuries from cut feet to drowning.

  1. Burns

More burns are seen during the summer, in part due to the rise in barbecues. Grilling on camp fires is another example of where people can receive burns. People who are inexperienced with camp fires and barbecues can often make mistakes which result in burns and children should never be left unsupervised around such things.

  1. Food poisoning

Warm and humid conditions allow bacteria to grow faster. Barbecues are also a culprit, if food is undercooked, left out in the heat or fruit not washed properly. Try to avoid leaving food sitting in the sun and always wash hands thoroughly before and after preparing and eating food.

  1. Sports

As we all get a lot more in the nice weather, we play more sports too and with that comes the increased risk of an exercise-related injury. Ailments such as broken bones, twisted ankles and sprained wrists are a common sight in emergency departments during the summer.

  1. Insect bites

With warm, humid weather comes critters that like to bite! Horse flies, mosquitos, ants, midges, ticks and even spiders can all give us a nip that could become infected if not treated. Plants can also pose a problem, such as nettles and thorns.

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  1. Sunburn

Most cases are mild and don’t require a doctor visit but if sunburn results in blistering or occurs combined with other symptoms such as nausea, confusion or dizziness, this is a more serious case of skin burns. Always practice good sun protection routines and stay out of the strongest UV rays between 11am and 3pm.

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