What’s in CBD pain relief gel?

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The CBD pain relief gel is a nourishing and soothing topical that may relieve aching joints. It is ideal for active lifestyles with organic ingredients. It contains 350mg of hemp extract, an adequate daily dosage.


CBD freeze pain relief gel, a topical CBD gel infused with menthol, has a cooling effect that may soothe pain instantly. In addition, its proprietary formulation and CBD content make it ideal for everyday use. As a bonus, this gel can be applied without the mess and doesn’t have an oily feel. As a result, it may help alleviate various topical discomforts, including arthritis, arthritic joints, and muscle aches and pains.


This CBD pain relief gel contains a cooling therapeutic roll-on that targets pain and inflammation. It has analgesic ingredients, including CBD and menthol, which work to reduce pain. It also contains soothing medicinal herbs such as aloe and arnica, which provide added benefits. In addition, its cooling properties help it penetrate quickly into sore muscles. The product contains a superior CBD formula derived from non-GMO American hemp. This process preserves the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes found in CBD. This cream is a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free alternative to over-the-counter medication. It’s also been third-party tested, so you can rest assured that it’s safe to use.


Unlike the painkillers you take orally, CBD pain relief gel is applied directly to the skin. It can be applied up to four times daily for pain relief and should be massaged until the skin absorbs it. CBD Freeze pain relief gel is a topical solution and should not be used if your skin is broken or damaged. After applying the gel, you will notice a cooling sensation.

The award-winning CBD topical solution CBD Freeze combines the cooling properties of menthol with the soothing properties of superior broad-spectrum hemp extract. It offers relief from topical discomfort, especially temporary muscle and joint pain. It is available in a convenient, mess-free squeeze tube and roll-on application options.


The CBD Freeze pain relief gel is a non-greasy topical application that delivers a therapeutic dose of CBD directly to sore muscles. The formula contains a broad-spectrum extract of CBD and analgesic herbs that promote regeneration. This solution is easy to apply and provides fast, effective relief.

It has a cooling formula and is convenient for travel. It also penetrates deep into the skin for fast relief. It is also THC-free, making it a safe option for those concerned about possible side effects. In addition, its non-greasy formula leaves no greasy residue, making it ideal for sensitive skin.


The CBD pain relief gel is a pain reliever that is safe and easy to apply. It contains cannabidiol and is a THC-free cold therapy gel. The gel is easy to use in any body area and has no unpleasant odor. It also contains aloe vera, arnica, menthol, tea tree oil, camphor, and ethylhexylglycerin. The CBD pain relief gel has a unique formulation that penetrates deep within the skin to target problem areas and relieve pain. It has a no-mess roll-on applicator and is suitable for daily use. The gel is made of organic ingredients that do not leave any residue, stains, or odor behind. The CBD freeze pain relief gel is an excellent alternative to prescription medication.

The CBD pain relief gel is easy to apply and is perfect for all types of topical discomfort. This fast-drying gel can ease muscle and joint pain and comes in a convenient no-mess roll-on applicator or squeeze tube.

It contains high-quality CBD sourced from industrial hemp. The gel’s texture is non-greasy and allows it to penetrate deep into the skin, relieving pain. It is also sourced from domestically-grown hemp plants and has been tested for purity.


The CBD pain relief gel is a topical pain treatment made from a blend of organic and natural plant ingredients. Its unique formula is specially formulated for pain caused by stiffness, muscle aches, and joint pain. The gel should be applied to the affected area several times daily and gently massaged into the skin. It should be used as long as the pain lasts. In addition, it provides an instant cooling sensation. The CBD pain relief gel is made of premium hemp oil derivatives and contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids for effective pain relief. The gel quickly dries and soothes pain and is suitable for all skin types and conditions. 

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