Office lunches are a great way for team members to connect on a more personal level, whilst reducing stress and providing a means of switching off from the mental pressures of the office workload.

Office lunches directly impact a company’s success and the wellbeing of its employees. They promote higher productivity and help to foster a happier, healthier, and better-connected workforce.

Office Lunch Catering Ideas

There are a number of food choices that are great ways of promoting communal dining while also nourishing your staff.

Pizza is always a winner, with a range of topping options from traditional to gourmet. It is a filling and easy-to-eat dish, with flavours to suit everyone.

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Mexican street food such as tacos, nachos, salsa and guacamole are a great way to spice up your working day.

Eastern Mediterranean shawarma, with choices such as chicken, lamb, and beef, is an exotic option. Pile an abundance of toppings high onto pitta bread, with sides such as rice or fries to accompany.

Waffles, both sweet and savoury, provide staff with a break from the norm. Whether hash brown, falafel or chicken waffle sandwiches, there are gastro-delight flavour options from around the globe.

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BBQ-inspired offerings provide a taste of summer, with options such as chicken wings, tasty salads, dips, hot dogs and mac and cheese mini portions. This is also a great way of ensuring both vegetarians and meat eaters are catered for equally.

Office Lunch Delivery

Enlist the help of a specialist caterer such as that offers nationwide office lunch delivery. They can deliver your team’s lunch offerings directly to your building.

Not only does this unburden you from the stress of organising food, it also ensures that everyone’s tastes, dietary requirements and allergies have been specifically catered for. Food is freshly prepared using locally sourced ingredients, in a 5-star hygiene-rated kitchen facility.

Whether you opt for breakfast, lunch or sweet treat options, gathering your team around the table for a communal lunch is a great way to network together.

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