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With neuromuscular massage can be addressed various ailments like: fasciitis, periarticular pain, muscle spasms, sports injuries etc.

What is it?

Neuromuscular massage is an exploratory and therapeutic deep manual technique in soft tissue dysfunctions located in connective and myo-fascial tissue.

The use of the thumb in the exploratory palpation as well as much of the application of massage technique is very common, you can use other techniques such as the use of the elbow, shot clamping, pressure with the heel of the hand, or any finger, exist in the blunt useful small market of different diameters to exert pressure on the points under this therapy, flashpoints pain, trigger points, points myo-fascial release, trigger-point, myalgic points, trigger points … these locations with different names are small points but with a large radius of action at different levels, skin, vascular, tendino-muscle, nerve, joint, which can be manifested mainly in pain.

Benefits of massage
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What neuromuscular massage is based?

Therapy: neuromuscular, its target : the trigger point pain, action : the release of said interfering field represented as irritative or fibrous of muscle lumpiness and fascia coating, which as a rule does not respond to drugs, his condition relapsing can occur by stress, overuse and exhaustion of the muscles, these episodes are compounded by neuralgic and spasmodic involvement in the whole.

Once it reaches this dimension may be cause for alterations at other levels as different organs that are in your region or dermatome. It is not uncommon neuromuscular disorders in diseases or conditions that do not appear to be related, as problems of the digestive, respiratory, vision, genitourinary, even glandular…

Exploratory tracking searches connective tissue disorders, healing of sutures or wound-fascial mine, muscle … unions that result in pain, muscle pain, local or peripheral within its scope, for different reasons: poor management of acid lactic, loss of muscle blood stream, muscle or nerve spasm …

Stimulation, performed by expert hands to exert local pressure results in the normalization of the tissue and relief, sometimes in a single session, the picture of pain, is not a coercive technique because it aims at the self-regulatory body homeostasis.

The search indicator can be the location that the interrogation of the person concerned, but an exhaustive search, this might not be necessary, these changes are manifested in the form of fibrous knots and have a predominant anatomical location in a majority of cases, so the therapist is not difficult to detect and act at the same time.

Neuromuscular Massage has a tempo, rhythm, direction and defined pressure depending on the treatment area and depends on the judgment of the practitioner and the morphology of the receiver, you do not work the same with a morphology muscled with more sedentary and thicker profiles, this already in itself is limited to implementation by not properly trained and experienced therapists.

The therapeutic routes are varied, although the article in question is referred to the massage, which exert a local pressure impacts the nerve center of the pain almost immediately relieving acute symptoms, looking neuralgic or extended to other regions irradiation. deep transverse massage is also applied for, against, and so transverse to the direction of the fibers in its deepest or (Cyriax) plane.

I must say that this type of massage is not pleasant especially if no lubricant (oil) is applied or does poorly to increase the mechanical effect of the passes and has as its object a pleasant but rather the opposite end, it is painful, deep and it is common cutaneous erosion, hyperemia, small bruises in the treated area, which should subside in a few days, leaving some skin pain occur.

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We will not stop to enumerate other techniques being self shiatsu, and some Eastern techniques, in my view, the true precursor of the full range of neuromuscular techniques. Others may be: (Neuraltherapy) with injection of lidocaine or papules procaine 1%, even certain injectable homeopathic products such as formic acid centesimal dilution (Homotoxicology). The dry needling, spot stimulation with a needle manipulated manually until neuromuscular spasm release (required great skill and experience).

The neuromuscular bandage, (VNM) also intends to continue the myo-fascial tour easing tensions. Own acupuncture has trigger points and can use local or distal points in addition to the moxibustion for the release of the trigger point or trigger. The hammer richelli’s, are a useful they are intended release neuromuscular therapy not only trigger point level but also in wider area, these tools have forms adapted to the muscular anatomy, can be blunt, incisive to act at the deepest levels, with varied and different to suit the anatomy forms. Neurological Hammer activator or neuropercutor hammer or (CAT: Chiropractic Adjusting Tool) is a spring that which utters a dry and precise impacts that promote myofascial release and trigger point having a variant of accommodation and adjustment even articulate.

What can help us neuromuscular massage?

Neuromuscular massage is not the panacea of therapies, but it is a complementary technique that can handle the osteopath, massage, doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor … with knowledge of the technique can impact pain conditions more efficiently and most importantly, differentiate one functional contracture of a larger problem.

The procedure first contact is exploratory and preparatory surface, medium and deep connective tissue to homogenize the tissues.

After this step may come a subsequent normalization or spinal adjustment thus covering the flat side and articulate or other therapeutic technique that professional wants to make covering the neuromuscular plane.

While it is true that this technique will not see advertised on the facades of the centers of therapies, I hope this article we are more familiar with the therapeutic range of techniques, in addition to massage the therapist, osteopath, doctor, physiotherapist may be formed for examination, treatment, relief and resolution of your complaint.

Ailments that can be addressed with neuromuscular massage are:

Any fasciitis, periarticular pain, muscle spasms repeat, sports injuries, different locations spinal pain and lumbar muscle pain, rib, cervical dorsal, chronic pain problems idiopathic or unknown origin, pain that does not have good response to anti-inflammatory, relaxants or painkillers, irradiative referred pain from other areas … For more visit

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