Keep your home secure in 2020

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Burglars are opportunistic and will look for easy entry into a home through open windows and unlocked doors. Install high-quality locks and make sure that all family members know to secure them. Keep all keys in a key-press out of reach of the letterbox. To protect your valuables and important documents, get a sturdy safe installed. A benefit to having a good security system that you may not have thought about is that it makes a house more attractive to any prospective buyers. This in turn will add value to it. In the other way as well if you are looking to buy a house and you see there is a good security system you’ll be more interested in it. If you decide that you want to buy a house or Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire such as there is a lengthy legal process that will be set to follow. This legal process will be done by a conveyancer who is responsible for the change in ownership of a given property.


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Well-Lit Garden Areas

Keep recessed garden areas well lit with the use of garden lighting and install daylight sensors that switch on at dusk and off at dawn. A movement sensor at the front entrance or porch allows you to clearly see any persons loitering on your pathway and is also a good deterrent for undesirables looking to burgle your home. Secure your outbuildings with strong locks and movement sensors.

Burglars rely on people escaping for holidays during the festive season, so ensure that you make it look as though your house is occupied by putting timers on in various rooms to switch lights on and off during the evenings. Consider installing an alarm, as this will help to reduce the cost of you household insurance. Other visual deterrents include videophones and CCTV cameras mounted on exterior walls.

People Power

If you’re planning to be away for longer than a week, it’s probably best to get a friend to pop in to check on things: movement in and out of the house will convince thieves that the house is occupied. Peter Bleksley, an ex-policeman, outlines the modus operandi of burglars in this article and advises that you make sure that milk and newspaper deliveries are cancelled, and that no valuables are left in plain sight of the front entrance or pathway. Get the postman to deliver any large parcels to a designated safe place inside the property if possible.

Brief all family members against posting any comments about your travel plans on social media, as this might broadcast the availability of a property to more than just their friends. Use technology: some home-security systems allow you to monitor your home with your smartphone.

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