Six ways to wear an Aran sweater

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Fashion is ever-changing, with trends varying from year to year it can be so hard to keep up! One item that’s always been a fashion staple and always looks timeless is an Aran sweater. With so many ways to style them, as well as being practical and keeping you warm in those harsh winter months, let’s look at ways you can make your sweater the star of the show.

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Sweater and jeans combo

This go to combo is all about the proportions. If you prefer your sweater oversized, ensure you pair it with a skinny or slim bottom, such as skinny jeans or leggings. This will bring a touch of class and femininity to your outfit. Womens Aran sweaters often have subtle patterns, such as cable knit. A good example of the various patterns Aran sweaters often come in is on

Jumper dress

Womens Aran sweaters look fabulous when worn oversized, as a dress. A chunky knit jumper dress can look winter chic when paired with tights or leggings, with an ankle or knee-high boot. A belt is a good accessory to cinch the waist in so the outfit still looks shapely.

Evening wear

Aran sweaters are multi-functional and can look elegant for your night of Christmas cocktails! When going for a more fitted Aran sweater, a high neck can look super classy, paired with a statement necklace for that added wow factor.

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Work wear

Aran sweaters can look smart and sophisticated for your day in the office. Pair them with a long skirt or fitted trouser. They also look fab underneath a blazer or coat, so you can look professional and warm at the same time!


Typical British weather, one minute it’s freezing, wet and windy and the next it’s golden sunshine. Instead of getting hot and bothered whilst you’re out, think about layering your outfits. A V neck sweater will look great over a shirt or a polo neck, easy to whip on and off, looking good either way.


Winter wear doesn’t always have to be blacks, greys and neutrals. Why not inject some colour into your outfit and fight off those winter blues. The most important thing is balance here, so if you’re going for a bright green sweater, make sure you pair it with a plain, neutral bottom, to avoid looking like a colour explosion.

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