Getting your garden ready for winter


Our gardens have been teeming with flowers and wildlife throughout the summer and we will soon be moving into the colder autumn and winter months. There are a number of maintenance activities that you need to ensure you undertake ready for winter to arrive. In order to carry all of these out effectively you should ensure that you have ways to get rid of unwanted debris and plants and you can do this via a garden bin or by collecting all the items and taking them to your local recycling centre. You will need a trailer to do this and some good Trailer Parts like the ones that you can find from This will ensure that should you have any problems with your trailer that you are able to rectify them quickly.

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One of the most important things that you need to do in your garden before winter is to remove all debris and flowers that have died. This helps to encourage your plants to settle over the winter before it flowers again the following spring. Shrubs and trees may need to be cut back to help encourage them to lay dormant over winter. You should also remove any fallen leaves as these can become a slip hazard during the wet season.

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Other important maintenance includes looking at your fencing and ensuring that it is safe and secure ready for the windy months in the winter. You should also take any plants that are susceptible to frost indoors and protect them until the warmer days of spring.

Written by Russel Zaman

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