How you can support your immune system in older age

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There is a lot of talk at the moment, in the current pandemic, about ways in which we can help to support our immune systems and whilst this is important for everyone, it is particularly key for those in older age. For those who are looking at Gloucester Park Homes for Sale such as the ones you can see at, the change in the pace of life in retirement can be beneficial to stress levels and therefore have a positive impact on the immune system. But there are more things you can do to support your body in wellness.

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It is in your gut that more than 70% of your immune cells reside proving that a happier digestive tract allows for improved immune function. Getting plenty of vitamin C is important  by consuming fruits, and vegetables like bananas and broccoli. This nutrient makes the immune system work properly and supports our overall wellness. Immune supported vitamin D sources to come from fortified foods. You should also include zinc in your diet, again this can come from numerous food sources, as it also helps to achieve normal immune function, it also helps with the absorption of vitamin C.

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Eating the right foods is key but so is making sure that you limit the amount of caffeinated drinks that you have and also lowering your alcohol consumption. You should increase the amount of water that you drink and you could consider moving over to green tea as this helps to regulate your immune cells.

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