5 foods for a more beautiful and healthy skin

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Sometimes when I talk to different people about how health conscious, I realize that many are intended not so much to look good and feel good. So when they want to get a more radiant and beautiful skin, rather than change their bad habits, facial creams that are worth one penny and whose effect is also not as shown … they bought anyway, and you can buy cream more innovative and expensive market if you do not eat properly, you quit smoking and you avoid exposing unprotected sun, few positive changes you will see in your skin if you still do not I have made ​​it very clear…. what I’m trying to tell you is that change must begin within! If you want to improve your physical appearance, should worry first to improve your health. This way you will be gaining in quality of life and indirectly reflected in your body and in your face.

 beautiful and healthy skin
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5 foods for a healthy and beautiful skin


It is one of the healthiest nuts. Nuts contain large amounts of omega-3, which helps to regulate our cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. They are also rich in phosphorus, a mineral that helps improve our memory. But today we interested in its rich vitamin E, zinc and polyphenols. They are essential for healthy skin.

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Dark chocolate

Who said that chocolate was not healthy? Nothing is further from reality. Even if it is true that it is a food that gives us a lot of calories and should be consumed in moderation, chocolate is rich in flavonoids, substances antioxidant which provide firmness and elasticity to our skin. The purer the chocolate, the more amount of flavonoids it contains. I recommend a black chocolate with a minimum of 70% purity.


The carrot is one of the richest in beta carotene vegetables, also known as provitamin A. The provitamin then our body is converted into vitamin A, the latter being essential for the care of our skin. Vitamin A prevents premature aging skin and participates in the processes of cell regeneration. It also promotes the release of melanin, which is secreted by melanocytes (skin cells), which are responsible for fighting and protect from sunlight substance.


The tomato contains a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which protects us from the attack of free radicals and prevents aging of the skin. It is also rich in beta – carotene as if that were not enough; frequent consumption of tomato improves sexual potency in men. Interesting no?

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Although in general all red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, berries, currants… etc) have a powerful antioxidant. These small fruits are the richest in vitamin C. If you really want to look radiant skin, I advise eating blueberries frequently. With very little amount, covers the daily requirement of vitamin C. In addition, cranberries prevent urinary tract infections, thanks to flavonoids called anthocyanins. So if you have that problem, you will be very useful.

I hope that from now on take account of these foods as well as recommending others go. If you have left them in doubt, you can ask me whatever they want and try to answer as soon as possible!

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