Health benefits of smoothies

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Smoothies are more than snacks, and they can easily be substituted for a meal or make a really healthy breakfast. Not everyone enjoys eating first thing in the morning, so starting your day with a healthy smoothie, full of nutrients can be great, particularly in summer.

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Nutrients in smoothies

Smoothies made from fruits and vegetables contain masses of vitamins and minerals. Because they contain the whole of the fruit or vegetable, they also have plenty of fibre, unlike juicing, in which the fibre is left out. Because fibre is the major part of fruits and vegetables, juices are much less filling than smoothies and can also contain high levels of carbohydrates.

Adding green leafy vegetables to your smoothie is an excellent way of taking in the nutrients from them. Because they are broken down so well in the blender, you are able to absorb more of the nutrients than you would if you simply chewed the vegetables.

According to The Sun, many younger people are now much more health conscious and more than four in ten would choose a smoothie rather than the hair of the dog following a night out. They can also be useful for athletes who are trying to increase their calorie intake, or for anyone attempting to gain weight.

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Best ingredients for smoothies

Smoothies are very versatile and you can add in many different ingredients. There are plenty of online food recipes featuring smoothies, if you go to sites such as, or you may choose to experiment and create your own.

Cocoa is always a favourite because it gives you the taste of chocolate without the sugar. Cocoa also contains fibre and antioxidants.

For thickening your smoothie, rather than using yoghurt which can have an acidic taste, try using tofu. This will give you a lovely creamy smoothie and also contains protein, calcium iron and potassium. Tofu does not contain sugar and you will be unable to taste it when blended with your other ingredients.

Cooled tea or coffee is a great sugar-free liquid option. You can experiment with different teas for different tastes.

Unsweetened almond milk is much lower in calories than skimmed milk and adds sweetness to your smoothie without adding sugar.

If you are considering buying commercially made smoothies, remember that they probably have much higher sugar levels than homemade ones.

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