A Christmas without trace

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At this time no food on the table that we usually do not usually take or even that we have never tried. If there is someone in the family with allergy, intolerance or special needs, pay attention to these tips.

Excesses, foods that are not usually taken, lunch and dinner outside … At Christmas, allergic or intolerant to any food should be more cautious than ever people. So, finding a suitable menu for all diners should be targeted at these meetings that approach, but it is crucial to get the cooperation of labor, social and family environment.

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The hotel industry is aware of this situation and offers well the letter of allergens or composition of the dishes by ingredients, and the food industry is becoming more rigorous in the information on the labels of packaged products. However, in some cases – as in allergy to seafood or fish – inhaling cooking vapors or simple contact with the skin can cause a reaction, so that in addition to the above, we must also take other prevention, how to avoid being in the kitchens when these foods are handled.

Special children

Food allergy is a problem that affects many families. Between 5-10% of children they are allergic to a food, with children under 6 years most affected.

For these children, any celebration involving exposure to food increases the risk of accidental swallowing the food to which they are allergic. Although families of allergic children carefully controlled diet in order to avoid accidental contact – revising the labeling of food products, informing friends and family, etc. – This always arduous and difficult task is further complicated during the holidays , new scenarios, loss of control of daily routines, new foods and recipes … In fact, typical of this time of year (nougat, marzipan sweets …) contain some of the most allergenic foods and is easy to be offered to the children without thinking about their ingredients.

General advice

  • Takes medication always: Changes of scenery, the festive atmosphere and the rush can make us neglect.
  • Knows what’s on the plate to know what you can eat.
  • It recognizes what is a symptom of an allergic reaction and what is the protocol indicated by the allergist.
  • Develops an apt menu to allergies and intolerance that absolutely everyone can enjoy a special dinner at this special time. This may involve avoid many packaged foods.
  • All members of the family / group of friends should be able to identify the food that should be avoided in the labeling and request the list of allergens if they are to consume a handmade product without labeling.
  • The children make them understand the center of the festivities is to enjoy the company of loved ones and not the food and drink.
  • To avoid accidents, it is always safer home cooking with ingredients known. You opt for the homemade pastries that no child is left without Christmas treats, even better if you get involved in its preparation!


In recent years they are developing different treatments tolerance induction or desensitization consisting of introducing small amounts will increase gradually until the food is tolerated. It raises, especially in milk and egg allergies to children and at the time of diagnosis, always making personalized guidelines for each child, based on close collaboration between the family and the allergist.

This treatment not only greatly facilitates the daily life of the family by suppressing elimination diets, but also significantly decreases the risk of severe reaction to an accidental contact.

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