5 Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym

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You’d think getting dressed for the gym would be a no-brainer, but there are actually some pretty big don’ts when it comes to apparel you may not have considered. Wearing any of them will at best cause you discomfort and at worst cause you serious injury. Check out our top five gym don’ts to make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes.

1. Sandals

We don’t care if you’re only going to hang out by the water fountain and check out the hotties that walk by, do not wear sandals at the gym unless you’re bee lining to the locker room to change as soon as you get there. No matter how fancy, no gym is clean enough for you to walk around next to barefoot. You stand a legitimate chance of getting a fungal infection. And if you’re into free weights, think about dropping one on your bare toe and see if that doesn’t have you trading in your flip-flops for some Nikes.


2. Jeans

When you’re working out, you want clothes that are easy to move around in and breathe a little bit. Jeans are not those clothes. Yes, they’re comfy as hell, and yes, you probably wear them when you want to be active, but they don’t give you the necessary mobility when you’re working out. Also, they don’t allow for good air flow if you take our meaning. It doesn’t do your skin any favors to sit in a fabric sauna, not to mention it doesn’t feel good.

3. Wool

Remember that breathing thing we just talked about? Wool won’t help with that. If you get cold easily or like working up a good sweat, invest in a fleece or sweats that won’t make you itch to high heaven. If you have sensitive skin, sweating in wool will make you break out faster than rolling around in Poison Ivy. Save your sweaters for ski trips–your skin will thank you.

4. Big Jewelry

If you’re someone who likes to make a statement at the gym, do that with clothes, not big jewelry. Dangly earrings, tons of bangles or long necklaces will not only look out of place but could get ruined or injure you if they catch on a machine. Plus, unless you have a home gym or a dependable lock, taking your fancy stuff to a gym runs the risk of it getting stolen. If you want a distinctive look, we recommend flashy leggings or statement tees (an I love Jesus but I cuss a little shirt, perhaps).

5. Thongs

By all means, if you love to chafe, wear a thong to work out. Unless you’re in a body-building contest, thongs are not the best choice to take to the gym. Briefs, boy shorts or even going commando are all better options than a g-string that will announce its presence to you every step you take on the treadmill. Be nice to your bum and it’ll be nice to you back!

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