10 benefits of drinking beer

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With such a great choice of beers available in bars and restaurants, it is no wonder that beer is the drink of choice for many people; however, did you know that it can help to keep you h-ale and hearty?

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Lowering the risk of kidney stones

A Finnish study of middle-aged men showed that each bottle of beer drunk per day was estimated to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 per cent. Urine flow was increased and urine diluted, which reduced the risk of stones forming.

Reducing heart attacks

A Pennsylvania study found that dark ales and stouts can reduce the risk of a heart attack by as much as 50 per cent, although moderation is the key.

Lowering the risk of strokes

Harvard Medical School and American Stroke Association research has revealed that people drinking moderate amounts of beer can cut the risk of having a stroke by up to 50 per cent compared with non-drinkers.

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Solving problems faster

Drinking beer can boost creativity. A study in the Consciousness and Cognition journal showed that men who drank beer could solve verbal puzzles a few second faster than their sober counterparts.

Preventing type 2 diabetes

Moderate drinkers who have a couple of beers a day are less likely to get type 2 diabetes, according to Dutch research.

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Preventing Alzheimer’s

Beer drinkers can be up to 23 per cent less likely to develop forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, possibly because its silicon content protects the brain.

Sleeping easy

Ales, stouts and lagers stimulate dopamine production, which helps drinkers to feel calmer and more relaxed. A dopamine compound can be prescribed by doctors to sufferers of insomnia.

Preventing cataracts

Antioxidants in beer can protect against mitochondrial damage and stop cataracts forming.

Quick recovery

A pint of beer instead of water after a workout will make you slightly more hydrated.

Boost your confidence

British research reveals that people feel more attractive and confident when they drink beer. Interestingly, some of the participants only thought they were drinking alcohol and it still had the same effect.

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