What do I Need to Know About the Children’s Barred (List 99) Check?

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Formerly known as the List 99 Check, the Children’s Barred List Check enables educational establishments to examine a database to find if someone is included within the children’s barred list.

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If someone is indeed included within the children’s barred list, any employment in an educational establishment is forbidden.

The information contained on the database is retained under the 2006 Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act and is managed through the Disclosure and Barring Service.

The Children’s Barred (List 99) Check is not an exhaustive check with the barred list. This check can only be conducted through an Enhanced Criminal Record check. For more information, check the government’s website.


In accordance with the Department for Education, any educational establishment, for instance nurseries and schools, are able to apply for a Children’s Barred List check under the follow circumstances:

• The applicant will undertake unsupervised activities such as supervising, teaching, caring, instructing or training children. This would also include driving vehicles for children only, or the provision of guidance or advice on the well-being of children.
• The applicant is employed at a defined range of organisations, or specified places, with contact opportunities. These would include children’s homes, childcare premises or schools. This would not include work completed by supervised volunteers.
• The applicant provides any relevant care, such as dressing, washing or health care from or under professional supervision.
• The applicant is a foster carer or registered childminder.

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The price of a Children’s Barred List Check is approximately £12.50 exclusive of VAT.

If the request is submitted before 2:30pm on a weekday, the results could be returned the same day. Otherwise, the results will be returned the following working day.

For organisations registered with businesses certified to conduct List 99 Checks the cost can be as little as £6.00 excluding VAT.

For an organisation to conduct a CRB check on your behalf, enquire at companies such as http://www.carecheck.co.uk/.


There are two results to the Check. These are either:

1. “No matching records found” – this allows your applicant to proceed with working at the establishment providing all other relevant checks are completed
2. A match – in which case the organisation conducting the search will be in contact to provide guidance

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