How to reduce the swelling of the feet

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Avoid a sedentary lifestyle is essential to promote circulation and reduce swelling of feet. Also, follow a balanced and low-salt diet can also help to improve the condition.

More common in the elderly, pregnant women and sedentary employee’s inflammation of the lower extremities can be painless or bring various complications.

The problem is when the liquid abnormally (what is called edema) accumulates. This article will tell you how to reduce the swelling of feet.

Swelling of the feet
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Why the feet swell?

As occurs in the legs and ankles, inflammation and swelling of the feet is caused by:

  • Age
  • The overweight
  • Having a blood clot
  • An infection
  • Vein problems (cannot pump blood properly)
  • The sedentary lifestyle
  • The pregnancy
  • An operation
  • Long trips by plane (or any means of transport)
  • The menstrual cycle
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver failure
  • Taking medicines, such as antidepressants or birth control
  • Shoes and socks

Tips to reduce swelling of feet

If your feet are often inflame may be due to the lack of certain healthy habits. Therefore we recommend:

Soaking the feet

When you return from work or as have a free minute, filled the tub or container with warm water and add essential oils such as almond or lavender. You can also add salts or some liquid soap. Move your feet in all directions and then gives a massage bounce up and down to the knee.


If you have a job where you should be standing all day, try to be moving, albeit taking some steps by. In case you many hours sitting at a desk, it would be good that you levantases every two or three hours and you gave a little walk around the office.

This way will prevent fluids “stagnate” in the legs and you will achieve the blood pumping, in turn increasing circulation to the feet. Make breaks in the working day as often as you can. Rest is essential.

Raise your feet

Gravity can be the cause of the swelling of the feet. Whether you’re standing or sitting for many hours, try if possible to bring the legs up on the table, desk, etc.

When you go to bed put some cushions on the heels height sleeping with legs elevated in relation to the trunk. Some people place a wooden block on the legs of the bed to achieve the same effect.

A good habit you can have at home is sitting back on the couch and put your feet on the table in front or in a chair. If you want to recline, support them in one of the arms of the sofa.

Another idea is to lie in bed and lift your feet by placing them on the wall. So the blood and accumulated fluids change position and reduce swelling.

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Walk after work, yoga, swimming, cycling, pilates or choose the stairs are some of the exercises you can do to improve the health of your legs.

It is necessary that the practice is daily or every other day. Consistency is very important to achieve results.

If you’re not very fond of sports, at least, out walking your dog to turn around Apple or take your kids to play in the park. You can even clean the house energetically!

While it is not the same as exercising, at least, it will be the first step and an advance against sedentary lifestyles and the problems involved.

Drink a lot of water

By increasing fluid intake you will dilute daily and will eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body and especially those that cause swelling in the feet.

If you are not drinking much water you can try herbal tea or juices natural. It is very important to leave aside soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee and industrial juices. You know the daily dose: 2 liters.

Avoid salt intake

You can replace it with sea salt, pink salt or low-sodium salt. There are different “tricks” to reduce sodium intake:

  • Cooking without adding salt to food (or very little).
  • Do not take salt at the table to tempt you.
  • Do not buy or eat foods and processed (such as breaded, frozen, canned, etc).

The recommended dose for an adult daily amount ranges between 1500 and 2300 mg.

We need to carefully read labels on products as they often contain salt and do not even realize. Even sweet foods have added sodium. Be very careful!

Pay attention to your clothes

Very tight garments thighs limit the circulation of blood. So, it is advised not to wear suspenders, jeans or anything that is too tight.

Moreover, the shoe also may be causing swelling. Choose models that adhere to heel, they have a good squad and provide room to move your fingers even when it is winter.

If you’re traveling many hours would be good leases special socks (of which deliver first class airplane) called “rest.” Compression stockings, meanwhile, help to reduce fluid in the legs. You can get them in pharmacies.

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