How to make my eyes look bigger?

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There are many tricks to make your eyes look bigger than they are. We all love those big eyes look magazine, but sometimes nature is not so generous with us. For this reason, we suggest these beauty tips to teach you to highlight and enlarge your eyes. They are very simple:

1) Liner: Apply eyeliner correctly, will make our eyes look larger than they really are. How? There are several tricks to it, notes:

  • Must not apply liner around the rim of the eye, it will appear smaller. Try applying just below the lower lashes and cut before reaching the end of the eye, i.e. not apply it on the tour. If you also apply white eyeliner in the wet area of the eye, they will be bigger too.
  • If you apply the eyeliner beyond the end of the eye (on top) you must draw a little further up, creating a longer tab. You must be practical since it is not an easy technique and if not you draw both eyes equally, may be somewhat rare.
  • Shadowing the inside of the eye (near the nose) with clear and smooth to give more light and shadow beauty.

Eyes look bigger
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2) Eyebrows: Eyebrows are a very important part of our face but not give him many times significance. The form thereof makes our face is different, so it is so important to enhance the eyes. I’ll give you several tricks to keep them perfect:

  • Brush them and pluck, it is very important to brush them every day and in the right way. You must look for, according to your face shape, which eyebrow is more suitable for you. If you pluck your eyebrows in the most appropriate way to your face, you’ll make your eyes look noticeably larger.

3) Puffiness and dark circles: Reduce puffiness or swelling that may have, it is essential, since logically smaller the more we look swollen. It is important to rest properly, but if you still have a tendency to swell our eyes every day we can:

  • Wash your face with cold water nothing more awakening
  • Put us over closed eyes cucumber slices (cooled for a while in the fridge) and keep them for about 15 minutes.
  • Reduce consumption of salt, since it favors fluid retention.
  • Cool two spoons (you can put ice in a glass and put them a few minutes) and place them in the eyes.
  • Clean with chamomile

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There are many ways to reduce swelling, choose the most comfortable or best suits you.

4) Tabs: You paint your lashes with good mascara make them look longer and thicker, which will make your eyes look bigger. You can put false eyelashes, with them you will increase your look and have some big eyes movie, do you dare? They look great!

5) Paint the lips: Paint a clear or transparent color simply using a lip balm, will make your eyes stand out more, without using large amounts of makeup, just with mascara and eyeliner will not have to use shadows or anything else.

With these beauty tips so simple, you get bigger eyes and a captivating look.

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