Top Things to Do in Kent

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The county of Kent is located in southeastern England. This historic county is home to Canterbury Cathedral, which boasts a 1,400-year history and features a Romanesque crypt. The cathedral also has medieval stained glass and an excavated mosaic collection. Other places of interest include Margate, where the Turner Contemporary art gallery is located and Tunbridge Wells, where you’ll find stunning Victorian and Georgian buildings. For Things to do in Tunbridge Wells,, visit

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For dining options, the town boasts many restaurants. The city’s dining scene includes several popular places for breakfast and lunch. Many of the restaurants are renowned for their fresh, locally sourced fare. For a quick bite, stop by one of the many delis and breweries on the waterfront.

The surrounding area has plenty to offer too. Another popular attraction is Dover Castle, which was built on the ruins of an old Roman fort in 1180. It is the oldest and most beautiful of the castles in England, guarding the Straits of Dover, the narrow stretch of water that separates Europe from England. The castle has survived numerous threats over the years, most notably World War II.

Kent has many options for outdoor activities, including biking and hiking. There are also numerous parks, museums, and cinemas. Some of these locations are free of charge, making them ideal for families or groups.

Kent is home to some unique attractions and museums. The museums feature an impressive collection of national and local exhibitions and some of the best include the Canterbury Roman museum and the Historic Dockyard at Chatham.

The county of Kent offers many places to visit for families to enjoy a fun holiday. It is conveniently located near London, and you can book tours and attractions well in advance. Kent is a picturesque place with great scenery. The county is also home to many beautiful castles as well as stately homes, parks and golf courses.

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The county of Kent is also known as the Garden of England because of its endless orchards and gardens. Aside from a stunning landscape, you can also find fun things to do in Kent off the beaten path. This country is home to many National Trust houses and quaint villages. In addition to its stunning coastline, Kent is home to several vineyards and bustling seaside resorts like Margate. The area is rich in shopping opportunities, from locally owned shops to unique shopping destinations.


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