The Effect of Social Media on Divorce

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Social media is so huge that 22% of the world’s population uses Facebook and over 80% of millennials check Twitter at least once daily. Perhaps you met your partner online or maybe you just use your social media accounts to connect with friends, family, and coworkers. Still, research continues to show that increased usage of social websites can lead to domestic issues, infidelity, and even an eventual call to your Michigan divorce lawyer. But why is this the case?

Your Partner Loses Track of Time Online

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 81% of couples reported social media as reasons for divorce as far back as 2010. The prime issue stemmed from one of the partner’s extreme interest in Facebook. Social media is just as addictive as video games, gambling, or any other activity that provides a sense of excitement or rush. But setting limits and refusing to let the internet take precedence over your real life is one of the easiest ways to avoid a Michigan divorce.

Checking In Online Replaces Verbal Communication

Social media is all about sharing, but so is life. Your best friend from third grade may love sushi, but the only pictures of you and your love don’t need to be displayed for the world to see. And a post saying, “My guy’s the best” is actually far less memorable than telling him outright how you feel on a regular basis. Also, be aware what you do share. The act of oversharing for attention or because it felt right at the moment can be a fatal relationship mistake.

The Effect of Social Media on Divorce

Friends’ PCS (Perfect Couple Syndrome) Causes Insecurity

The Honeymoon Phase occurs at the beginning of most relationships, but online that phase can seem to last indefinitely. Even those who have never felt the urge to keep up with the Joneses offline suddenly feel the need to revisit that idealized version of their own love lives. Of course, that’s never a good plan. The original sparkle is supposed to dull a bit as the relationship evolves into consistently supportive and loving part of your daily existence. The continual cycle of jealousy to resentment from being force-fed the PDA you’re missing just leads to eventually calling your Michigan divorce attorney. See it as the show it is and stop feeding into it.

Outside Interaction Can Cause a Relationship Wedge or Even Lead to Affairs

Few, if any, relationships involve constant and unwavering support from the other partner’s family, friends, and social circle. You could be the smartest and friendliest person in the world, and someone still won’t like you. That’s easy enough to handle on your end by just avoiding the person and not giving them any fuel for the fire. But their continuous, private online connection with your spouse via social media can cause serious problems for your marriage. Friends requests from past flames or overly invested work colleagues can also leave you out in the cold as they wedge between you and your spouse, thereby enjoying the sparks they’re creating behind your back.

Of course, it’s not all bad news. If your relationship is unstable enough to be divided by online activity that means you need and deserve a healthier situation. The right person may be out there, and online activity can help you find them. In fact, according to an extensive study at the University of Chicago, results suggest meeting online leads to happier, more rounded, and more enduring marriages. Of course, a relationship that begins out of infidelity is doomed from the start. So, heal first, focus on personal growth, and then don’t discount meeting the true love of your life online. Who knows, your Michigan divorce just might be the start of a beautiful future.

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