How to keep warm in the winter without spending a fortune on heating bills.

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The freezing temperatures over the winter months can prove difficult for families to keep their homes warm enough to live in comfortably.  With the cost-of-living crisis, energy bills soaring and other household expenses increasing, it’s no wonder that many families are having to look for different ways to keep themselves warm indoors. Keeping all internal doors, windows and curtains closed helps to prevent draughts, wearing extra layers of clothing helps to insulate the body temperature as well as drinking plenty of hot tea and eating lots of soup, stews and casseroles.   Try putting extra blankets on your bed and when you are sitting watching television or reading in the evening put a blanket or throw over your knees.  If you don’t have any extra warm blankets then try investing in some Crochet Blanket Kits, keeping your mind and body active you could create your own warm, woollen, colourful blankets that will not only keep you comfortably cosy, but they will look great on your beds.

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These bespoke kits can be purchased from a professional company such as and come complete with everything you need to create your own stunning, crochet blankets.  Get the whole family involved and then you can all encourage each other and compare blankets when you are all finished.  You could even use these kits to make presents and gifts for family members and friends. It has been proven by medical and mental health experts that taking part in knitting or crocheting helps to keep the mind active and can prolong the onset of terrible illnesses such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  If you are single or your family don’t want to get involved with the blanket making then join a local craft club and do your crocheting or knitting with other like minded people.

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Keep active and keep in touch with others who are experiencing similar issues, having someone to talk to throughout the cold, dark, winter months can be a lifeline and knowing other people are struggling to cope, just like you can really help. Give and take advice from others about how to keep warm, staying in one room and keeping that warm and toasty could be a good idea as is talking to your Energy supplier if you are really struggling to pay your bills.

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