How to look younger secrets

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All at some point we have asked ourselves how to look younger secrets. And to solve each of these doubts and propose effective advice for it; we have compiled the following information.

The first doubts to resolve on how to look younger secrets, has to do with these changes in the physique are going to get from presenting to others a better mood. Knowing how to choose the dress on each occasion, apply the makeup of the better way and in the right way. Enjoy a better attitude in daily life and in general learn to choose and use the appropriate beauty products.

How to apply makeup to look younger secrets

the look younger secrets

It is essential to choose a makeup base that is fluid so that it can be confused perfectly with the skin. So it can be a lighter shade with a satin finish. You also have to avoid the use of powders to seal the makeup. Always use the concealed and of course always choose a very good illumination, emphasizing that it must be applied on the top of the cheekbone. Below the eyebrows and on the fins of the nose. Remember not to abuse the delineated eyes and always review the eyebrows with a brown profile.

How to dress to look younger

At first, it is key to update the wardrobe, so that it follows the trends, but always considering the age so as not to wear too youthful clothes. It is important that you dare and try new colors or fabrics. You have to take good care of the combinations of clothing and, as far as possible, let the professionals advise you. Finally, remember that there are garments with which to stylize the figure. And therefore the woman will look much younger, among the most common are: jeans, skinny pants, dresses and skirts,

How to comb to look younger

In general, the blonde helps to reduce years and if honey reflections are used, they are better results. The bob is also a very safe bet among women to look younger. The high ponytail also subtracts some years in women. A straight fringe at first may seem quite bold for being a big or drastic change, but it looks great in a long version.

Haircuts to look younger

The fringe is always a good option to look younger secrets, but you have to be careful with it. Another option is the average hair or short, more than anything because it is a trend. The layers another alternative to frame the face, give volume and mobility. Finally, it is suggested to say goodbye to smooth. Because if it is a perfect smooth, the cut will look too structured and series, therefore less young.

Perfumes to look younger

Do not forget the perfume to look younger secrets, since a good fragrance that surrounds the whole body, will help to look younger. It is suggested in these cases, the floral aromas, since they are always a great alternative to subtract a few years. You can also think of sweets because they tend to be linked with younger women.

How to make up on the beach

We all like to be very pretty anywhere, also in the pool or on the beach, but the sun does not get along very well with makeup. That’s why I’m going to give you some tricks to make you beautiful during your vacation on the coast. But without your makeup looking artificial or affecting your skin. Well keep in mind that your makeup should be natural and also contain sunscreen.


If you want to go makeup, you have many options. The first is to opt for a cream that moisturizes your skin and that is colored. This will give you a healthier look and also contain sun protection. You can also apply a very water resistant base, but you must make sure it contains sun protection.

If you do not want to apply any base or cream, you can choose powders brace adores or sun powder. But also do not forget that any product that you apply on your face should be quite resistant to water and also contain sunscreen. As the sun’s rays are quite harmful to the skin.


If you want to outline your eyes, you can opt for a brown pencil, which gives light to your eyes in a natural way. Also you have to make sure that it is quite resistant to water.


If you want to wear shadows on your eyes, you should forget about the eye shadows that are in powder and it is better to opt for the eye shadows that are cream. This type of shadows are denser and fix very well on the eyelids of the eyes, so they will last longer and will not be damaged by water or sweat.


You can use mascara or known as transparent mascara that highlights your eyelashes naturally. It should also be waterproof to make your lashes look beautiful all day long.


If you want to paint your lips you can apply a gloss or labial bar, but always in light colors and, that are possible long-lasting. However, you have to take into account that the skin of the lips is quite delicate, since it does not produce melanin and can be mistreated a lot with the sun’s rays. To prevent the lips from drying out, the gloss or lipstick you choose must contain sun protection.

Although, in the market there is a great diversity of lip products with high content of protection that provide a touch of color to the lips and also leave it well hydrated. Whatever you choose, you must make sure that you contain sunscreen. Remember that your health is the most important thing.

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