How to choose a women’s shirt

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There are several keys that can help you to establish how to choose a women’s shirt.  Because taking into account the importance of this garment for the female look, it deserves to do what is necessary to learn to dress in the most favorable way possible.

 With the passage of time the proposals of the designers have been commissioned to bring to the market a good series of possibilities associated with this garment. So to know how to choose a shirt for women beyond the type of figure. You should consider the fabrics, the prints and the details that adorn him. Only this way will be able to know the ideal occasion to take some of his variations.

How to choose a women’s shirt?

choose a women's shirt

  • Casual shirts. They can be three-quarter sleeve, a single bottom or even have some type of pattern. To be handled within the casual and uncomplicated some can be made of jean cloth. And lend to combine with sports shoes.
  • Dress shirts. If it is elegance and good taste this type of garments are highly recommended because they are made with high quality fabrics such as gauze or satin. Since they are ideal to attend formal dinners and even parties. They can include some touches of brightness and even details such as lace or flown.
  • Formal shirts. Designed especially to attend the office or any work scenario. They tend to be serious but they do not stop carving the figure. They tend to be of a single background or with lines, as they seek more than anything to achieve a serious look.

How to choose the perfect white shirt?

Without a doubt, it is one of the key pieces in anyone’s wardrobe background. Its simplicity makes it versatile. And its color opens up a wide range of combination possibilities. But that’s not why all the models favor us the same people that are why from Le Monique I hope to give you some tips on how to choose the right one.

  • The most important thing is to choose the correct size. If the shirt is big or small you will never transmit a good image.
  • If you plan to buy one, I recommend you do it with long sleeves. With this you will also turn the garment into a timeless one. Since you will always have the option to roll up the sleeve in more summery times.
  • Remember this phrase … “the handsome poles attract” because that is the basis to hit with the type of neck you choose, that is, if your face is more rounded choose elongated necks that move away from rounded shapes. They will help you to give more slenderness to your neck and face. And if you open the first button of the shirt you will further enhance this effect. And on the contrary with a long face.
  • If you have a lot of chest, avoid the shirts with central buttons too tight, because the tight chest will be anything but elegant. Join those who have a beak-shaped neck and no details at chest height.
  • If your silhouette is oval or rounded, choose models with some detail that structures your shoulders and tissues that do not fit your body. Ideally, those who fall.
  • If your hips are slightly wider, avoid the length of the shirts reach the height of them. Better to be between your waist and hip.

I hope I have helped you with all these tips, but if you want to know in more detail all the tricks to choose this or any other garment ask for your appointment to perform a personalized Style Session of 1 hour. You’ll love it! And remember, you can give the ideal touch with any woman you like. It will depend on your style and where you are going to wear the shirt.

How to choose the best polka-dot shirts for women?

Many designers in the last presentations have shown a great variety of clothes with polka dots. The polka dot shirts for women have been one of the main items to show and bring back this great trend. If you consider that moles cannot be used in a good way, here we will bring you ways to get it.

Cheap polka dot shirt

The best brands have taken this great trend out of the box of memories. But, just as they began the pattern, many designers of less prestige will begin the massive production of this “new” trend in the fashion market. This is your opportunity to have good purchases.

Online stores, markets, offers and even buying the fabric and sending them to make are good ways to have one of these polka-dot shirts in your wardrobe. Even if you go to a vintage store where the challenge is guaranteed, you can find one of these shirts with that wonderful polka dot print , of various sizes and models.

Elegant polka dot shirt

The good thing about these shirts is that you can not only use it at a business dinner or an important meeting, you can even go out with them and combine them with clothes and accessories that allow you to show that elegance that every woman has. You do not have to worry much about choosing the “perfect” shirt. A good combination and you get it.

A good elegant outfit would be that of a skirt to the knee or a pair of pants until a little before the ankles of black color, a white shirt with black polka dots three quarters sleeve, a turquoise jacket, some white heels or black fine point of about 5 or 6cm, with a wallet of the same color of the heels and ready. An elegant look

Modern woman polka dot shirt

What more modern than the moon for this season ?, Many designers used it in their gateways, Dior, Oscar de la Rental, among others Galliano were those who gave trend back to the moon. So more modern and current cannot be. You just have to choose the garment you are going to use for your outings. And know how to combine it very well.

One of the most used shirts this season with polka dots are long sleeves with an endless number of polka dots of any size throughout the garment. Preferably small or medium moles. The black and white colors were very prominent. It is not a bad idea to have one of these garments in our wardrobe for this season.

Suggestions for using moles

I understand that some designers combined polka dots with various patterns. I do not say that they do not do it alone I recommend that they be prudent.

Try to wear shirts with loose fabrics that will remove the rigidity of the figure of your body. And allow the moles to look less forced.

If you want to be bold and wear a shirt with polka dots plus a polka dot accessory. Make it a little separate from your shirt, distribute the polka dot load.

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