Lips makeup: How to make up your lips

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The lips makeup is an important part of any look. So we shared ideas on how to makeup lips to make it thicker, thinner, more volume for the day to night and makeup tricks lips.

Before applying lips makeup

the lips makeup

  • Good hydration – Hydration is important in all areas of the body and not only in the face. So this is a key factor for the lips look great.
  • Do not bite – It’s a bad practice that many people keep in the day and that affect their beauty.
  • Do not moisten them – In principle it is a positive practice, but it will generate dryness. Because saliva has enzymes that cause the lips to be even drier than before.
  • Protect the lips from the sun – Weather aggression can cause dehydration and inflammation. So you have to protect yourself from it.
  • Fashionable lips – There are always certain trends that can be followed and applied, so it’s worth taking into account the tones that are fashionable.
  • Make up well – This step is very important, to ensure the health of the lips and make the makeup the next day look great.
  • Type of event – Depending on the conditions of the event you intend to attend, you have to take into account the type of lips makeup that you want to apply.
  • Clothing – It is a key factor so that it can be combined with each one of the garments that are used.
  • Size of the lips – It must be considered so that the makeup is appropriate and corresponds to what is wanted. In case of being big you have to hide the ones or accentuate them, if they are small give them volume, etc.

How to make up your lips step by step

  • Hydration of the lips – Using a mirror, you should fix if the lips are well hydrated and are not dry, because they will cause cracks and the application of color will be bad. With Vaseline, moisturizing life is colorless or cocoa butter you get very good results. Never pass your tongue to moisturize.
  • Lined lips – Not all women do, but it is a good idea to mark the contour of the lips. In any case, remember that currently there are lipsticks that perform this function.

Make up your lips step by step

  • Ideal lipstick – It is a decision that can be personal and depends on the skin color of each person. For example, the tone of the lips may be pale, so it is worth using a lipstick of coral or beige colors. On the other hand, if they are reddish, the tendency is to use blueberry, orange or pink colors. For dark lips , the best is a burgundy, wine and red color.
  • Apply the lipstick – To begin it is necessary to go from the center of the lip to the outside, but never applying many layers of color because the excess will look very bad. For the edges it is advisable to remove with your fingers.
  • Duration of labial – If you want to prolong the labial duration, you must first compare one that is of maximum duration, even if it is a little more expensive. In case it is not possible, a very simple trick is to apply a first layer and start a handkerchief, so that it is fixed on the skin. Then apply one more layer to make two layers of lipstick. It can last all night.

Make up your lips step by step

Avoid staining teeth with lipstick – If for example a red or burgundy color has been chosen, a trick is always advisable so that the teeth do not stain. It is only necessary to introduce the index finger in the mouth with the closed lips and remove it as if it were to uncover a bottle of wine. All the excess paint will remain on the finger and not in the mouth or on the teeth.

  • Lip gloss – If you want to attend a party, it is worth applying a thin layer of colorless lip gloss to make the mouth and can be given a very feminine and fashion touch.

How to make up your lips according to their shape

  • Thick or large lips – They are broad or fleshy and many women love them. It is advisable to use the matte color because they are the ones that are usually thick.
  • Fleshy lips – Many want them, but when you have them, you want them to be thinner. In this case, the brightness will be counterproductive, so you should always give color and a brown tone, always avoiding red.
  • Thin lips – Thin or very narrow, are ideal for nacreous colors, since it seeks to give volume and greater amplitude. It can also include a touch of brightness. It is suggested to outline on the outside to give a larger effect.
  • Compensated or uneven lips – If there is a difference between the lips and they are not equal in their dimensions and size, we must focus on equalizing. Therefore, the most important thing is to outline the regular lip. It is best to apply a tone that is luminous for the thin lip and a dark tone for the thick lip.
  • Lips commissioner offspring – Makes women look sad for their faces and it is also the one that gets old. The solution is to avoid the curves of Cupid’s arc when making up the corners.

How to apply makeup to have thicker lips

  • It is advisable to think from the beginning that the color is going to be a red, strong pink or perhaps a powerful orange.
  • Cover the  lips makeup base, although it is not mandatory, it will be useful to enlarge its size and make it easier to fix the makeup for a longer time.
  • Apply a lip balm or some product to moisturize. Keep in mind that they can be resected at any time.
  • To outline it must be done outside the natural contour, so I put a mirror. Do not exceed a clear line that is just above the lips.
  • It is only necessary to give color when filling, but you do not have to do it directly with the bar, but using a brush, so that everything is more precise.
  • It is possible to give a layer of loose powders, since this way the lipstick will remain stuck and an extra volume will be gained.
  • As a final piece of information, it is advisable to apply a little bit of gloss in the center and blur towards the sides to extend this product and thus give a little more shine.

How to make up the lips to make them bigger

  • From the first moment it is necessary to pay attention to the hydration of this area. A moisturizing lip balm to massage the area is key.
  • Apply a base on the lips so that the tone is unified and the imperfections are hidden.
  • Profiling is very important in this case. For the tone and result is not artificial, the recommendation is to use a profile of a tone similar to the natural color of the lips, so beige is recommended or light tones.
  • The second profile should be made slightly above the natural line of the lips. Then it is necessary to blur the stroke with a small brush very well.
  • It is time to use a pencil of the same color as the lipstick. It retains the upper lip and the lower lip. The key is to give intensity to the color.
  • Select lipsticks with a creamy texture and a light color, because with these characteristics the lips will look a little thicker and brighter.
  • The final touch is to apply a little gloss in the center of the lips to give light.

How to make up thick lips

  • Use a pencil of a dark tone to delineate.
  • When delineating the mouth, it is necessary to follow the outline with a fine line on the inside.
  • Fill with a fine brush and in a slightly lighter whole with respect to the brush.
  • The main thing is that colors are chosen in a shade of pale pink, light earth and those that are known as nude.
  • It is important to avoid glare. Anyway, you can opt for gloss that are transparent and without glare.

How to apply thin lips

  • The usual is to make the lips look more voluminous, so all profilers and dark colored lipsticks should be discarded. You have to give priority to lighter, natural tones, with some brightness and the like.
  • The lipstick that is similar to the tone of the skin. Profile the contour of the lips slightly above the natural line. Do not press so it does not look artificial.
  • It’s time to fill your lips with lipstick. You can choose light tones such as peach, pink, nude and the like to give more amplitude.
  • To finish, apply a little transparent gloss in the center of the upper and lower lip or on the lip that is thinner and you will notice the difference.

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